2017-18 Season of NCECA 92Y Virtual Clay


Virtual Clay offers on-demand online classes that gather a vibrant community of artists, designers and art historians to speak with you about important topics in ceramics.

The conversations are meant to challenge preconceptions and explore new territory, inspiring you to think about the world in fresh and different ways. Recordings of most sessions will also be available for you to access at your convenience through an archive. Experience all of this in the comfort of your home, studio or classroom, at the incredibly affordable price.

We break ground on our new season of talks and experiences on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 with #GlobalDayofClay. This initiative will inspire conversation and collaboration around all things ceramics in person, online and across social media. In its first year, NCECA and 92Y have invited partners from around the world to host ceramic art experiences in their home communities, and share these experiences through the #GlobalDayofClay website. In addition, we will amplify your events and posts, and highlight your work in our #GlobalDayofClay Virtual Gallery, offering prominent visibility across the global ceramics community.

Learn more about #GlobalDayofClay at https://www.92y.org/globaldayofclay.aspx

November 8, 2017
Jessica Jackson Hutchins- My Name for Now

Living and working in Portland, Oregon, Jessica Jackson Hutchins’ expressive and intuitive studio practice produces dynamic sculptural installations, collages, paintings, and large-scale ceramics– all hybrid juxtapositions of the handmade. As evidence of the artist’s dialogue with items in her studio, these works are a means by which she explores the intimacy of the mutual existence between art and life. Her transformations of everyday household objects, from furniture to clothing, are infused with human emotion and rawness, and also show a playfulness of material and language that is both subtle and ambitious.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Kathy Butterly- Looking Back, Looking Forward

Creator of idiosyncratic ceramic sculptures infused with colorist sensibility, Kathy Butterly realizes complex, quirky and inventive fired objects that explore fresh perspectives on  the vernaculars of painting, pottery, and sculpture. Through risk, experimentation, mindful glaze application, and multiple kiln firings, Butterly’s works finesse a complex range of chromatic depth, space, reflectivity, and texture to express a rich panoply of emotional and physical states of being. Synthesizing aesthetics of Asian ceramics and California Funk, over decades Butterly’s ideas and methods have led her to coax highly associative meanings out of objects realized through the ceramic process

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Neil Brownsword- Poet of Residue

Artist and senior lecturer and researcher at Buckinghamshire New University, Neil Brownsword explores historical and archaeological research on ceramic production in North Staffordshire from the eighteenth century to the present. Brownsword’s work has been a sustained mediation on the decline of British ceramic manufacture in his home town of Stoke-on-Trent – a first-hand knowledge that has accrued since he was apprenticed at the age of 16, at the Josiah Wedgwood factory. Assuming the role of artist/archaeologist, Brownsword unearths/ salvages by-products from the histories of ceramic production and regenerates these symbolically charged vestiges of labor into poetic abstract amalgams.

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