What does this Community Guidelines policy mean for you?
As a participating member in the NCECA community, please follow these community guidelines when engaging in any of NCECA’s online meetings, events, and platforms such as (but not limited to) Instagram, Facebook, and Blog to maintain an artistic and educational focus, aligned with NCECA’s mission. These guidelines are set to create a safe and creative space for NCECA membership and worldwide communities that are inclusive and welcoming. By participating, posting, commenting, messaging, and tagging in NCECA’s online platforms you agree and are bound by these community guidelines. 

 You are responsible for your own voice within these platforms; be respectful, courteous to others, and do not engage in conversations that can make others feel unwelcomed. NCECA reserves the right to revoke membership in its organization from anyone who disregards these guidelines.

What happens if the content violates our Community Guidelines policy?
If your content (images and/or text) violates these community guidelines, NCECA will remove the content. If your content continues to violate our guidelines, NCECA reserves the right to take steps to discontinue your participation in its public forums. NCECA may also document your content prior to its removal, and, in some instances, archive the information directly from the source. Those who repeatedly violate community guidelines may be blocked from all of NCECA’s online platforms.

The following is strictly prohibited in any NCECA social media and public platforms and will be removed without written notice or prior communications. If needed, we will notify appropriate authorities and limit your usage of NCECA’s online platforms. 

Harassment, Hate Speech, and Explicit or Illegal Content
Content that promotes violence against or stereotypes of individuals or groups based on race, gender, religion, age, nationality, political affiliation, or sexual orientation;
Content that refers to weapons, as well as activities that can be considered dangerous or that have the potential to lead to physical harm;
Posting disrespectful comments or discussion targeting community members, employees, staff, volunteers, any other persons, or the NCECA organization

Spam & Sensitive Practices
Fake Engagement, Impersonation
Inappropriate Links in content: such as spam and deceptive practices
Promoting an illegal activity
Child safety, nudity, sexual reference, suicide, self-injury, or any reference to self-harm

Violent or Dangerous Content
Harassment and cyberbullying
Harmful or dangerous content
Violent, explicit, or graphic content