DEADLINE: November 12, 2014 (CLOSED)



NCECA is adding playlists to our YouTube channel and to do this we need you to submit your YouTube videos. Your submitted videos will be juried and added to our WatchNCECA YouTube channel playlists. The guidelines below will be considered   in the selection process.

Guidelines for submission:

1. Anyone can submit videos for inclusion on the NCECA YouTube channel playlists

2. Videos must follow YouTube rules and guidelines.

3. Videos must contain educational content to be considered.

4. Videos that have advertisement or promotion of a product or service as a primary purpose will not be selected. While videos may feature a particular product or service, they must primarily be educational in nature. Example: A video about how to enter a firing schedule into a kiln that is produced by a kiln manufacturer is acceptable.

5. It is the sole discretion of NCECA to determine what content is acceptable.

6. Videos must contain a high level of production quality in both vide   resolution

and sound quality.

7. Videos can be from all genres including but not limited to: demonstrations, how to execute a process/technique, brief documentaries or topical lectures, overviews o  gallery exhibitions, gallery talks, artist talks, and classroom lesson plans.

8. NCECA will not upload any videos, your videos must already be on YouTube.

9. You must have ownership of the video and permission from anyone appearing in it. Process for submission:

The review and selection process will be accomplished through NCECA’s Communications Committee and invited members. Videos should be submitted by November 12, 2014.


Send an email to that includes:

1. Your contact info including name, email, and phone number.

2. A link to your YouTube video

3. A brief explanation of your video.

4. What category does your video fall into, see # 7 in the guidelines above.