MULTIVALENT: Clay, Mindfulness and Memory
NCECA’s 54th annual conference – March 25-28, 2020
Richmond, Virginia

NCECA’s 54th annual conference in Richmond will explore ways that ceramic artists are charting new pathways from the complex meanings of our interwoven histories. NCECA is particularly interested in presenting programming that enriches the theme of this conference, MULTIVALENT: Clay, Mindfulness and Memory. Ceramic art’s diversity of expression and continuous invention generates affinities that extend human imagination. NCECA’s 54th annual conference will explore ways that ceramic artists are charting new pathways from the complex meanings of our interwoven histories.


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Short Form is an opportunity for fast-paced presentations during NCECA’s annual conference. NCECA particularly encourages international participants and those exploring new and still developing projects to share their research and work through a Short Form presentation. During past conferences, presentations like this have taken place in spaces dedicated to International Slide Forum and blinc 20/20. Short Form presentations may run from 7-20 minutes. If you have questions about Short From proposals, please email: mkcloonan.nceca@gmail.com

NCECA seeks Short Form proposals that resonate with the theme of the 2020 conference. Traditions and innovations coexist throughout the history of ceramic art. Let’s gather to share our ideas and research about our creative work with clay in the 21st century. Steeped in history, process, and divergent approaches, when we come together to grapple with change, new models of creating, teaching, and learning, can emerge from our diverse perspectives, experiences and communities.

NCECA reserves the right to curate and develop programming that strengthens the quality and range of experiences related to the conference theme, sense of place, and other strategic objectives.

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Applicants are strongly advised to prepare the following BEFORE starting the online submission process. Your online submittal form must include the following or it will not be considered (Only .jpg for images will be accepted):

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  • Brief description of the presentation (Limit 50 words)
  • Presentation title (Limit 10 words) – If selected this will be printed in the Conference Program Guide.
  • EXACTLY five (5) images that you want to share (upload as jpg only, each image no larger than 800 KB. Image details to include:
            • Image Title
            • Relevance to presentation – (Limit 50 words)
            • Brief Image description – (Limit 50 words – to include Artist name, title, type of clay, firing, date of piece, photo credit if applicable.)
  • Identify tags and target all appropriate audiences (list provided on form)
Proposal abstracts will be made available to a committee including at least one NCECA board member for review prior to making selections.  Make sure your online submittal is complete.  Incomplete proposals will not be considered.  You will be notified of the committee’s decision by email as selection are made. 
Current NCECA members whose proposals are selected for presentation, are eligible to receive a complimentary conference registration for the 2020 conference. Beyond this and the platform to share your work and ideas, additional benefits are not provided to Short Form presenters.

NCECA recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox when using forms on this site. Some forms do not respond well to Internet Explorer or Safari.


If you encounter problems and require technical assistance with submission contact kate@nceca.net or candice@nceca.net