Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, November 17, 2021, (11:59pm Eastern time) – CLOSED
Recommenders’ responses extended to Monday, November 29, 2021, (5pm Mountain)

For questions about the Student Fellowships program please contact:
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NCECA is pleased to announce the 18th annual NCECA Graduate Student Fellowships. The purpose of this fellowship is to foster and catalyze graduate students’ capacities to expand awareness and deepen knowledge in the ceramic arts through learning, intellectual inquiry, and creative research.

The applicant must make a project proposal for use of the $2,000.00 award (may not be used for tuition), and must submit additional materials as specified in the Application Process. A maximum of three awards in the amount of $2,000 each will be made, of which $1,000 (half the total amount) will be mailed upon return of the signed agreement. The Fellowship recipients will be notified of the selection in late 2021 and publicly announced through NCECA E-News, social media platforms, and conference publications. The balance of $1,000 will be sent following completion of a project report with images once it has been reviewed and approved. Final fellowship reports are due by December 31, 2022.

This is an annual fellowship open to current NCECA Student Members who are full-time graduate students matriculated in a degree program at an accredited college, university, or art institute in the U.S. at the time of the application deadline. The student must have completed at least one (1) semester prior to receiving the fellowship and have at least one remaining in their graduate program following the project’s completion.

In order to be considered for a Student Fellowship, eligible persons must be a current NCECA Student Member. Membership in NCECA is paid on an annual basis, is a standalone fee, and is not included in any event registration. NCECA membership runs 12 months from the date of joining or renewal. If you are unsure of your Membership status, please LOGIN to your NCECA Profile which contains your membership expiration date or contact BOTH AND

To renew or become a member of NCECA, go to:

***IMPORTANT***Although the system that supports this submission form does not currently include an active word counter, NCECA asks all applicants to note and adhere to word count limitations that are identified in open fields.

The best way to do this for most applicants will be to compose responses to these open fields first utilizing the word-processing software on your computer or device and take advantage of the included word-counting tools.

Once composed, proofed, and counted, you can copy your text from your local word processing software into the appropriate fields in the form. Please note that in some instances, special characters copied from word processing platforms may be converted in the form system. For this reason, we caution applicants on the use of special characters where not absolutely necessary.

NCECA reserves the right to exclude applications that disregard word count limits and to edit any and all text submitted for reasons ranging from space allocation to style, fluency of language, and grammatical concerns.

Applicants are strongly advised to prepare the following AND save a copy to your computer BEFORE starting the online submission process. Extended time in the form may cause the form to time out and the system to log you out. You can save a DRAFT then continue to edit/complete the form.

Your online submittal form must include the following or it will not be considered:

  • Name/contact information will auto-populate once you have logged in to and accessed the form in the NCECA database.
  • Proposed Research Project description (LIMIT 500 words)
    The project must be supportive of your goals as a ceramic artist. Clearly state your objectives, how the award will be used to fulfill those objectives, and the anticipated impact the fellowship will have on your work. Awards may not be used for tuition.
  • Short Project description (LIMIT 100 words)
  • Budget Excel spreadsheet (download template)
  • Name, City, and State of School/Institution currently attending
  • Anticipated Month/Year of graduate degree completion
  • Cumulative Undergraduate and Graduate GPAs
  • Transcripts (official/unofficial) One undergraduate and one graduate transcript required, up to four allowed. (Upload as.doc, .docx or .pdf, not to exceed 2MB)
  • Submit a minimum of six and maximum of ten images of your work. NCECA encourages applicants to submit images representing four or more distinct works in order to provide the review committee with an understanding of the focus and range of your recent studio practice. (upload as JPG ONLY – each image no larger than 800 KB)
    Required information for each image:
    Artists name, title of work, year, image description, clay type, firing method, dimensions (H, W, D in inches), and photo credit (if applicable)
  • Two Recommenders’ information to include: Name, best phone, and email. One recommender should be a current instructor and one should be another individual who knows you and your work well.
  • To complete your application, NCECA must receive your two recommendations by November 24, 2021 (11:59 PM Eastern time.) Your recommenders will be sent a link to an online form through Survey Monkey that will require them to respond to writing prompts that are relevant to assessing candidates for this opportunity. Please inform your recommenders of this deadline in advance, and let them know that you have provided their name and contact information to NCECA. Please remind your recommenders to be on alert for receipt of an email invitation message from com and to complete their recommendations by November 24, 2021 11:59PM Eastern time.

Applicants are not permitted to prepare the responses. Responses must be provided by the recommenders in their own words. 
In order to provide early alert to recommenders as to requirements of the survey, applicants may make use of the following sample email message:

Dear ____________,
I have provided your name and contact information to NCECA as a recommender for my NCECA Fellowship application. Please be on alert for an email invitation from Survey with a link to an online form that will require responses to the prompts/questions that are relevant to assessing candidates for this opportunity.

The following prompts/questions are to be completed and submitted via Survey Monkey by November 24, 2021 (11:59PM Eastern) Text may be cut/pasted from another document into the Survey Monkey form. The form may be started then returned to for editing as long as responses have been saved. Please note all questions require a response.

  1. Recommender contact details to include: Recommender name, email, phone number.
  2. First and last name of the fellowship candidate you are recommending.
  3. How you know the applicant and over what period of time.
  4. Please tell us how the individual or collaborative applying for this fellowship demonstrates their capacity to undertake and complete an independent research project.
  5. Please discuss the artist’s potential to make a significant contribution to their field or the creative/cultural Ecosystem
  6. Please tell us how receiving this independent research fellowship will further the applicant’s artistic or professional development.
  7. How does the applicant represent the diversity of the larger creative landscape which might include: genre, style or aesthetic, career stage, culture, geography, ethnicity, gender, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, gender identity, religion, age, urban or rural, etc.

Thank you,

The Nominations and Awards Committee includes a member of NCECA’s Executive Committee, one Director at Large, one Student Director at Large, an Honorary Member or Fellow of the Council, and one member at large appointed by the president. Proposals will be selected based on the creativity of the project, the impact the award will have on the student’s work and development, the quality of work presented, and the nature of the recommendation letters. The committee will notify applicants after review of submissions is complete.

NCECA recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox as some forms do not respond well to Internet Explorer or Safari. For questions regarding technical assistance, contact BOTH  AND


Thank you – After you complete your online submission form for this opportunity, please hit SUBMIT only one time. The form data could take several minutes to submit particularly with multiple images. A confirmation email will be generated through NCECA’s database to let you know that your application has been successfully transmitted and received. Please save the confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation message within an hour after the time that you submitted your proposal, please email  and