Exhibitions surrounding NCECA’s annual conference have an important impact on host communities and the artists and collectors who travel from throughout the U.S. and abroad to experience the diversity of creative approaches to contemporary work with clay. An Exhibitions Committee composed of artists and/ curators with links to the host region reviews exhibition proposals to consider them for inclusion in listings. NCECA’s goal is to provide access to information about exhibitions that demonstrate compelling ideas and represent a high standard of creative inquiry involving clay.

NCECA has developed two distinct pathways for exhibitions to be considered for listings in promotional materials including a website, print guide and mobile device app. The first pathway is the Concurrent Exhibitions proposal system. Concurrent Exhibitions proposals may be developed by curators or organizing artists who develop an exhibition concept that resonates with the theme of the conference. Proposals that do not have an exhibition venue as well as those that do will be considered.

Those making Concurrent Exhibitions proposals should be mindful that projects with special technical needs, those involving very large-scale or heavy work, and more than ten artists may be difficult to link with venues. Some exhibitions accepted through this proposal review may be placed in alternative spaces that do not have the infrastructure typically associated with galleries and museums. Because in many cases, NCECA’s Onsite Conference Liaisons must work proactively to match these proposals with suitable venues the deadline for Concurrent Exhibition proposals is set approximately 16-20 months prior to conference.

The second pathway to listings is through Venue Originated Exhibitions proposals. This review system is intended for projects that are originated by venues and curators within the conference region. Their exhibition projects may or may not relate directly to the conference theme. These proposals will also be reviewed and evaluated to ensure that they embody compelling ideas and high standards of creative inquiry involving clay. Because these projects are shepherded by venues and the people that work with them, NCECA’s Onsite Conference Liaisons will not be seeking out spaces to house them. For this reason the deadline for Venue Originated Exhibitions proposals is 9 months prior to conference.

NCECA reserves the right to refrain from listing any exhibitions that do not go through these review processes. Exhibitions included in listings should be open to the public. All venues hosting exhibitions during the NCECA conference and included in exhibitions listings are strongly encouraged to admit visitors wearing NCECA conference registration badges without charge.

Select the link below that best fits your proposal based on the pathway descriptions above:

Deadline February 3, 2016

Deadline June 1, 2016