Terri Frame, PPI: Act III, Hybrids, 2011


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ecumene: Global Interface in American Ceramics is a national juried exhibition developed and sponsored by NCECA to run concurrently with the general assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC). Composed of leading figures in ceramic art from throughout the world IAC members will be meeting in the US for the first time since 1984. This event is projected to draw hundreds of international artists, curators, writers and leaders in the ceramics field. Selected works will be seen by an international audience while insulating participating artists from the complexities and costs of international shipping. NCECA designed a print on demand catalog and all artists included in the exhibition will receive a complimentary copy. Additional copies will be available for purchase at the exhibition and in our e-store.

The exhibition runs August 29 – September 20, 2012 at the School of Arts and Design,Visual Arts Gallery at Santa Fe Community College and will be featured during the IAC general assembly meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Submissions were juried by Jane Sauer, Linda Ganstrom, NCECA’s Exhibition Director and Santa Fe Community College’s Clark Baughan and James Marshall.

IAC (The International Academy of Ceramics) is the principal organisation representing the interests of ceramists worldwide. Its membership consists primarily of individual makers, supported by writers and critics, Museum and gallery curators, and private collectors. Correspondent membership is available to professional associations, ceramics work centres and educational institutions, which considerably extends the networking capacity of the Academy. The aims of the Academy are to present international contemporary ceramics at the highest level, to encourage cultural cooperation through ceramics around the world, and to facilitate communication between ceramists and museum curators, private galleries and collectors, art schools and other professional Institutions.

Enjoy images from the 2012 Ecumene artists below:

NCECA has designed a print on demand catalog that may be purchased during the exhibition at SFCC or online at LuLu.com.

Contact kate@nceca.net if you have any additional questions.