Communications Team


To best meet the needs of the many lines of communication NCECA has with its membership and the public, NCECA is seeking current members to contribute their time, talents, and expertise to the organization’s communications strategy and its implementation. The selected members will receive a one year extension on their current membership and, in some cases, a conference press pass. Members of the Communications Team work directly with the Communications Director who may also assign periodic work with other members of NCECA’s staff and/or Board.

This call for communications team members closes on May 15th, 2016. Those selected will be informed by May 30th, and their term will begin June 1. They shall serve through March 30th, 2017.

To apply, send an email stating your interest to, with subject line “communications team”, and included information about your experience and expectations of involvement. Please include your own handles on applicable social media platforms.

General Expectations of all Team Members

NCECA’s is a leading voice for creativity and rigor in all sectors of ceramic art and learning. Whenever producing content, or moderating and/or responding to posts, comments, and messages, NCECA Communications team members will be aware of their responsibility to maintain the voice of NCECA. NCECA is a membership organization and its communications efforts also reach a general population of interested non-members in a manner that is aware and respectful of the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs of its constituents and audience.

Team members may be responsible to moderate one or two of NCECA’s social media platforms, often sharing responsibility with other team members. Team Members managing NCECA’s social media platforms shall at all times be prepared to report and consult leadership on deletion of posts that include any of the following:

  • Content that defames or threatens others
  • Harassing statements or content that violates federal or state law
  • Content that discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them
  • Content that infringes another’s intellectual property, including, but not limited to, copyrights,
  • trademarks or trade secrets
  • Material that contains obscene (i.e. pornographic) language or images
  • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation
  • Content that is otherwise unlawful
  • Users and moderators are expected to abide by fundamental standards of decency. Refrain from
  • publishing personal details of others, cause no harm to others, post for purposes that are
  • pertinent to discourse of NCECA, and with constructive intent of the organization and its mission. NCECA’s reach with social media, like its other work as an organization results from the cooperation and effort of the entire team.

Responsibilities of Communications Team Members

  • Team Members should participate in an initial meeting in early June via Skype to clarify expectations and answer questions
  • Team Members should participate in other strategy discussions via email thread or other written, “as-your-schedule-allows” format
  • Members of the team should follow the NCECA Blog and Facebook page and repost information as appropriate to platforms they are managing. Team members are not expected to create or provide content themselves. (except those specifically writing for the blog)
  • During the 50 “non-conference” weeks of the year team members specifically assisting with social media are expected to help share NCECA news via a variety of platforms. Members of the team should spend approximately 8-10 hours over the course of the year of service. Likely for social media moderators, this time will be dispersed in brief weekly allocations (2-3 minutes a few times each week) plus a few strategy meetings or emails. This expectation does not mean you should put your life on hold to go check NCECA social media, rather it should just be something you keep in mind and do as you are interacting within your own social media use.
  • Team Members working in social media sharing should participate in a pre-conference planning meeting via Skype in January (does not apply to writers and video editors)
  • Before or during a strategy meeting in January, team members working in social media should voice their desire to work on the communications team during the conference. The Communications Director, together with the Executive Director, will determine how many and which team members will be given full conference press passes. (does not apply to writers and video editors)
  • Members who attend conference on a press pass are expected to spend approximately 1-2 hour(s) per day (split up throughout the day during conference) on communications efforts. Time should be managed in a way that enables the team member to pursue her/his personal interests during the conference. If properly managed, the strategy will augment NCECA’s social media presence by showing a variety of content.
  • Team Members should participate in a post-conference review discussion
  • Team members are encouraged to share with the Communications Director, information about any new social media platforms that NCECA should investigate.

Communications Efforts and Awareness

Team members should be aware of the existence, uses and expectations of the following specific communication channels:

Blog (writers)

  • write articles on a variety of topics ranging from post conference reviews to pre-conference highlights, to exhibition reviews, emerging artists spotlights, contemporary ceramics topics, and more
  • write 5 articles of 750-1500 words during the course of the year to receive a complimentary conference pass

YouTube & Video Editing

  • edit/combine conference audio files with presenter powerpoints to create videos and upload to YouTube.
  • edit and upload 6 hours of conference presentations during the course of the year to receive a complimentary conference pass


  • monitor posts to the Facebook group for content, removing obvious spam immediately, and if necessary, removing repeat spammers from the group.
  • approve new members, verifying the legitimacy of all requests prior to approval.
  • re-post content from the NCECA PAGE to the Facebook Group, preferable 12-18 hours after it appears on the Facebook Page.
  • Post most important items to other groups such as clay buddies, critical craft forum, etc.
  • Watch for postings relating to or relevant to NCECA in other groups (such as clay buddies, critical craft forum, etc) and alert the Communications Director if comment is needed.
  • stimulate discussion by interacting with other member postings on the wall and utilize Facebook group tools (such as ask a question)
  • alert the Communications Director about any negative or disparaging remarks or heated discussions.

Instagram & Twitter

  • repost appropriate items in which NCECA is mentioned within the platform only (do not use the share feature
  • like and/or comment on posts mentioning NCECA


  • pin images from NCECA Blog articles or from the NCECA website to the NCECA boards
  • find several other ceramics organizations and ceramic artists to follow from the NCECA Pinterest account
  • make suggestions for new boards to create on the NCECA Pinterest account


  • Watch for emails relating to or relevant to NCECA, alert the Communications Director if comment is needed.


  • just introduced for this year’s conference. This is an area of growth and development. ideas and suggestions for year-round use of periscope are welcome.