Across the Table, Across the Land


NCECA celebrates 50 years of clay, learning and connection in 2016. To foster a sense of community and show links to how our members connect people and ceramics, on this occasion, we have invited Michael Strand and Namita Wiggers to create Across the Table, Across the Land. Because we also set a gorgeous table in this community, food and the table serve as a link to bring it all together.  NCECA feels that the table is a literal space – and an idea – and we want to hear your stories.

To do this, the curators have developed a web app to make it easy to research how NCECA connects Across the Table and Across the Land.

NCECA is calling on you to participate by sharing projects or taking on the K12 Challenge. We invite responses in the form of your images and your words. This is a collection of your stories. All materials entered into the Across the Table web app become part of this celebratory project.

Michael and Namita are developing this online archive to document what NCECA members are working on right now. From this archive, our guest curators will create an exhibition for the Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri in conjunction with Makers, Mentors and Milestones, the March 2016 NCECA Conference.

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Here’s a link to download the webapp

Want more information and background on the project?

Download the Field Guide at

Ready to share your story? Upload your project on the web-app here Look for the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen to add your contributions.

Want to get your K-12 school and students involved? Download the student/parent permission form and Potluck: A Portrait of School Communities through Clay and Food to help guide your lesson plans and teaching.

Questions? Email Michael and Namita at