Recipients of the Regional Awards for Excellence Award are individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the ceramic arts within their community or region.

The following are recipients of the Regional Award of Excellence from 2008 through 2014:

2008 Elvira Peake, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2008 Frank Ross, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (posthumous)
2009 Joanne Rapp, Phoenix, Arizona
2009 Rudy Turk, Tempe, Arizona (posthumous)
2010 Kathryn Narrow, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2010 Ruth Snyderman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2011 Beth Ann Morean, Saint Pete Beach, Florida
2012 Jean Griffith, Seattle Washington
2013 Sara Morgan, Houston, Texas
2014 Candice Groot, Evanston, Illinois
2014 Bruce Robbins, Chicago, Illinois

“Great job…keep up the good work!”
2008 Pittsburgh Conference attendee