Recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Award are individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the ceramic arts with their work on a singular endeavor. This award is open to contemporary artists, educators, writers, and others, this award recognizes individuals who have successfully completed a singular project that has contributed to the field of ceramic arts in an extraordinary way. The scope of the venture should be above and beyond what would typically be considered his/her professional responsibilities. This honor carries with it a one-year membership and conference pass.


2001 Joe Molinaro
Lexington, Kentucky
This award was given for his work on the Clayart Listserv.

2007 Paul Wandless
Upland, Pennsylvania
For his contributions to the NCECA Demonstrator video project.

2007 Leah Schlief-Freese and Bob Feder
Dallas, Texas and Warren, New Jersey
For their the development of the National K-12 Exhibition and Foundation.

2008 Ichi Hsu
Beijing, CHINA
For his commitment to the promotion of international exchange of ideas with China as a focus.

2012 Bill Strickland
Pittsburgh, PA
For his achievements at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and his efforts to uplift the human spirit and advance communities world-wide.

2013 John Toki
Berkeley, CA
For his contributions to the development of contemporary ceramics.

2014 Caroline Cheng
Jingdezhen, CHINA
For her support on international exchange through artists’ residencies, education, and community programming.

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