NCECA is a not-for-profit educational organization that provides valuable resources and support for individuals, schools and organizations with an abiding interest in the ceramic arts.

NCECA was founded as a non-profit organization in 1966 after several years of affiliation with the Ceramics Education Council of the American Ceramic Society. NCECA’s founding charter was developed by forward-thinking ceramic artists who saw the benefits of a professional organization in its ability to create identity, definition and support for the ceramics teacher and artist, and to promote advancement of the ceramic arts. NCECA President William Parry wrote in the inaugural issue of the NCECA Newsletter:

“There is no question about our opportunity to amplify the effect of what we do separately by the association that this organization represents. However we might spell out our objectives and possible activities, they are but extensions of our most basic gratification in getting together to swap pots and ideas, to show slides, to look and listen to others with similar interests—away from and out of the context of our individual situations. NCECA is therefore primarily an agency using the resources in time and money surrendered by its membership to guarantee this annual event and the communications and preparations incidental to it.”

Laxalt2There were 22 ceramic art educators from 17 colleges at the initial ASC Ceramic Education Council meeting in 1961, and during its first decade, NCECA was a small gathering of a few hundred artists. In the 1980s it grew to more than 1,000 members and today comprises more than 4,000 members. The annual NCECA conference is the world’s largest event held in the field of ceramic arts. NCECA has been a unique artists-run organization since its inception. Dedicated individuals have made NCECA what it is today—a vital, significant, fiscally-solvent organization that is a model of success to other arts organizations..

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Photo: Michelle Laxalt, To each our own (scopes), 2012