NCECA Bylaws amendments – updated September 1, 2020

In late June 2020 NCECA’s board of directors held the annual spring board meeting. At this meeting the board of directors focused on NCECA’s bylaws and governance as a way to transform its practices in meaningful ways and address issues of diversity, equity, and accessibility within the board and staff, throughout programming, membership, and other organizational opportunities. Task forces, composed of board and non-board members, were formed to research and develop two new board positions and to review and update the role of the Communications Director. The two new board positions are: the Governance, Policy, and Advocacy Director and the Collaboration and Engagement Director. Both will serve on the Executive Committee and Nominations and Awards Committee in addition to other committee assignments and leadership roles.

The Collaboration and Engagement Director and the Governance, Advocacy, and Policy Director are appointed positions that are reviewed by the Nominations Committee and then recommended to the board. The candidates will be approved by a 2/3 vote of the board of directors.

Nominations and applications for the two new board positions are open to all members. Click here to learn more and how to nominate someone or apply yourself. NCECA is committed to diversity, equity, and accessibility, and NCECA will ensure that the persons filling these roles are dedicated to expanding representation, elevating underrepresented voices, and have demonstrated personal experience in this area.

With these intentions, recommendations and in accordance to Article 6 Section 6.2, the board of directors voted to amend the bylaws on September 1, 2020. Bylaws changes are highlighted in gray boxes in the bylaws pdf.

You can access the current NCECA bylaws HERE (updated September 1, 2020) PDFicon