Founded in 1966, the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) is a nonprofit organization that fosters global education and appreciation for the ceramic arts.  We believe that learning through art touches lives and builds meaningful connections. Clay’s receptive capacity connects us to the earth and one another like no other form of artistic practice. NCECA is a community that aspires to meaningful lives and work through shared knowledge, opportunities for creative research, and access to exhibitions and educational resources. Your support brings to life NCECA’s goals and objectives include the following…


  • Nurture and sustain arts education practice that fosters deep investigation of materials, process and ideas.

o   Plan and implement an annual conference that is rigorous, thought provoking, informative and relevant.


o   Produce video resources and publications that capture the creative achievements, ideas, stories and challenges of innovative makers and inspiring teachers who have infused an ancient art form with refreshed vitality.


o   Document the evolution of the field of ceramic art over the past half-century through publication of a 50th year anthology of papers from NCECA’s Annual Journal and accompanying essays.


  •  Support the creation of compelling ceramic art and advancement of meaningful creative careers.

o   Provide student fellowships that enable promising young artists to pursue independent research beyond the scope of their academic institutions.


o   Support International Residency awards that enable American artists to gain valuable creative experience through a 4-6-week experience hosted by a partner organization outside of the US.


o   Recognize, highlight and provide support to 6 Emerging Artist each year.


o   Generate meaningful programming that appeals to the entire spectrum of ceramic art education.

  • Advance access to and visibility of great ceramic art and its influence on community in the 21st century.

o   Develop, site and promote accessible and compelling exhibitions concurrent with NCECA’s annual conference.


o   Work with strategic partners to generate new resources and programming formats that generate discourse on ceramic art beyond NCECA’s Annual Conference.


o   Launch Across the TableAcross America, a nationwide ceramic art project leveraging the talents of potters engaging with local groups in experiences with food and handmade clay objects.