Thank you for your patience throughout this time when NCECA has been undertaking the research and learning necessary to develop its first ever virtual conference. This online event will take place March 17-21, 2021 on the vFairs interactive platform. Those familiar with NCECA’s annual conferences will discover many programming features, exhibitions, and networking opportunities they have come to know and love, reinvented through the virtual conference platform. The 2021 NCECA Virtual Conference will offer three distinct exhibition halls, one dedicated to ceramic art exhibitions; a second to commercial galleries, ceramic suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers; and a third to schools/institutions and nonprofit organizations.

CONTACT: 2021 Virtual Exhibition Halls Coordinators, Kate Vorhaus kate@nceca.net AND Allyson Hoffelmeyer support@nceca.net

Any company, institution, or nonprofit entity that manufactures or provides products or services to the ceramic arts and education is eligible to represent itself in the Virtual Exhibition Halls. The purpose of these halls is to promote products, services, technology, resources and missions of businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations that support the field.

Learn about Virtual Exhibition Halls booths within the pdfs below:
2021 NCECA Virtual Exhibitions Halls description
2021 Virtual Exhibition Halls Booth Fees
Gallery Expo – SOLD OUT
2021 Virtual Exhibition Halls Booth Layout Options
vFairs Booth Setup Manual

ASAP: Let us know if you want to participate with a Virtual Booth space. Within the week, you will receive an email from vFairs with a dedicated link to your booth set up form.
Prepare images and digital materials to upload once the Booth Space build out is ready.
BY Thursday, February 25: The majority of the booth images and digital materials should be uploaded on the vFairs platform. Edits to your booth space may be made prior to and after the virtual conference but not during the conference.

MEMBERSHIP – If you have any further questions regarding membership you can contact us at:
membership@nceca.net or call 303 828-2811 or 866 266-2322 (Toll Free)

We again want to express our gratitude in your patience as we researched and learned about virtual conference platforms. We are incredibly excited about this upcoming conference and our ability to create a space for connection online after a year of missing our annual conference and the gathering of the ceramics community. We hope you will enthusiastically join us as we endeavor to create a novel NCECA experience in 2021!

QUESTIONS? Please contact the 2021 Virtual Exhibition Halls Coordinators, Kate Vorhaus, kate@nceca.net AND Allyson Hoffelmeyer support@nceca.net

Thank you and we look forward to working with you in preparation for the 2021 NCECA Virtual conference!