A limited number of engaging conference-related experiences will be open to the public at no charge. These include
Projects Space, NCECA Gallery Expo, Cup Exhibition & Sale, K12 Exhibition, keynote presentation, and the Randall Session:

NCECA is pleased to continue the extremely popular Gallery Expo in Richmond where you will find exceptional finished ware from top galleries across the country. These dedicated galleries will be offering gallery talks on Wednesday.

The Clay Studio (PS1) POTTERY UNPLUGGED By Josie Bockelman, Jennifer Martin, Jennifer Zwilling Participants work together to create wheel thrown forms using The Clay Studio’s newly designed pedal-powered potter’s wheel. One person pedals the bike as the other controls the wheel. This playful and intimate exchange gives space for mindful connection, dialogue, and collaboration.

Baltimore Clayworks (GE4) is 501(c)3 non-profit ceramic arts center that brings the world of ceramics to our region through outstanding artistic, educational, and collaborative programming. We dedicate our studios, galleries, classes, and satellite sites to nurturing and welcoming a diverse community of professional artists and new learners, emerging and established talents, and passionate connoisseurs of clay.

Clay Art Center (GE5) presents past and current Artists-in-Residence alongside it’s Professional Artist program, consisting of 50 artists in the Westchester and NY tristate area.

Eutectic Gallery (GE8) proudly presents a visually eclectic and diverse grouping of both established and emerging contemporary ceramics artists that hold both a high level of craft and concept with their works.

Gandee Gallery (GE7), located south of Syracuse in upstate New York, is committed to showing the best in handmade objects and fine art, with a special emphasis on utilitarian ceramics. Established in 2009, the gallery features 4-5 special exhibitions a year and offers workshops and classes through its adjacent studio facility.

For over 25 years, Northern Clay Center (GE2) has advanced the ceramic arts for artists, learners, and the community, through education, exhibitions, and artist services. We operate out of Minneapolis, and retain an online and national presence through our sales gallery, exhibitions, and grants for ceramic artists.

Objective Clay (GE3) is a collective of makers who create meaningful objects for everyday use. Objective Clay was founded in 2012 at Arrowmont School of Craft with a mission to support each other and give back to the community. We participate in group residencies, curate group and solo shows and fund craft education scholarships.

In Atlanta for 50-plus years, Signature Contemporary Craft. (GE6) strives to develop a broader understanding of handmade, one-off pieces, and to share our desire to enhance our lives with authentic and personal objects. This year we present: “The Table,” dinnerware and other objects associated with dining installed as a collective dinner table.

Spinning Earth Pottery (GE1) is unique at Expo. Representing fewer artists allows us to present a much larger body of their work. Each artist takes a turn working the gallery at posted times, so those wishing to meet the artist, or ask questions about their work, may do so. Artists include Jennifer McCurdy, CJ Niehaus, Susan Filley, Fong Choo, Cathy Broski, Justin Lambert, Anne Egitto, Herrick Smith, and owner Danny Meisinger.

Measuring History – Sonya Clark
The objects we make belong to the history of the future. By what measure does our work address, create, and challenge the construction of historical narratives? How do we acknowledge the capacity craft has to reflect and absorb the present moment as a bridge between past and future? What’s our responsibility in measuring history?

 LOCS – By MK Abadoo

LOCS is an early iteration of a new work that continues my exploration of intra-group body dialogue from the lens of Black women. Science fiction writer Octavia Butler’s use of visionary fiction continues to galvanize my design of dance performance space, to imagine worlds that prioritize liberative storytelling at the intersections of gender and race. How do we as gendered and raced bodies show compassion towards the internalized manifestations of struggle against oppression in ourselves? And with each other? What do we do with coping mechanisms that have become traditions? In LOCS, a potent site of body-to-body contact, combining hands, heads and hair, provides the container to unearth multigenerational lessons by asking, what has been woven into us?

LOCS was commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as a part of the 2017 Local Dance Commissioning Project.

An annual competition and exhibition for K-12 ceramic students to showcase their ceramic art. Designed to showcase the best K12 ceramic work made in the country.

All donated cups will be considered for the NCECA “Cups of Merit” Commission Award. In its sixteenth year, the award is designed to add further recognition of the extraordinary quality of these donations. The selections will be made by a jury’s review of all donated cups and winners announced on Saturday. The NCECA Cups of Merit Award was established to recognized outstanding craftsmanship and artistic merit among the generous donors to NCECA’s Annual Cup Sale. Each year NCECA appoints a small panel of three distinguished ceramic artists to make merit awards from the cups submitted to the Annual show. Jurors will make purchase awards totaling up to $1000 to three or more makers included in the Cup Sale. Each award will be of an amount sufficient for NCECA to purchase two or more cups based on the pricing presented to the sale administrator. NCECA will retain one of the cups in its collection for as long as a time as it is practical. Cups may be periodically removed from the collection to recognize individuals for outstanding service or generosity to NCECA.

Honor and celebrate the lives of NCECA members and significant figures in our field who have passed away since our 2019 conference

Please note:
 Registration passes are REQUIRED to enter the Resource Hall (booths and tables of Commercial, Non-Profit, and Institutional participants).