The NCECA Cup Exhibition and Sale is going online! The cancellation of this year’s conference due to Covid-19, has had significant financial ramifications for NCECA, including lost revenue from the Cup Exhibition and Sale—revenue that goes towards funding artists through scholarships and fellowships.  So, for the 28th anniversary of the NCECA Cup Exhibition and Sale, we are going digital, and we are asking for your help! 

NCECA welcomes cups/mugs from all who would like to donate! For this first iteration, we are asking for cup or mug donations from ceramic artists living and working in the United States. (*To our international friends; We hope to do a cup sale specifically with donations from international audiences! The shipping logistics are just a little trickier to sort out…)

The first ever NCECA Virtual Cup Sale, launched on May 21st, with 96 cups being auctioned off on eBay was a big success! The next NCECA Virtual Cup Sale will be in July 2020.

Donations of cups are now being accepted for the JULY 2020 Virtual Cup Exhibition and Auction. Donations submitted prior to July 14, 2020 will be included in the JULY 2020 auction. Depending on the number of cups that are donated, we hope to repeat this auction on a regular basis. Cups may be submitted at any time for future auctions! The JULY 2020 exhibition and auction will take place Thursday, July 16th at 4pm MDT to Sunday July 26th at 4pm MDT.

We encourage all participants to share images of their donated cups using #NCECACupSale2020 and tagging @NCECA_ces and @NCECA.  

Please prepare your images and description BEFORE starting the form.

For questions regarding technical assistance contact 

Required five (5) images per cup:

  1. Visit this post for tips on how to photograph your work      
      2.  Take five (5) photos of your cup, including the following views:  front, back, left, right, and one of the bottom/signature.
      3.  Photograph your mug using a square format, and with a neutral background.
      4.  Recommended image size: jpg ONLY, no smaller than 800×800 pixels at 72ppi, and no larger than 1600x1600ppi, not to exceed 3MB.
      5.  Tightly crop your cup in the photo, with almost no background borders. (eBay does not allow images with extra borders, text, or artwork)

Donations must be submitted using NCECA’s Online Submittal process (a link to the form is provided below). Please note – you will need to login to your NCECA profile account, to track your donation and your contact information. If you do not have a NCECA profile account, please follow the prompt to create an account. 

Required information for the donation submittal form. ALL fields are required, please double check the form before hitting SUBMIT.
1.  Artist name
2.  Artist’s Instagram account  
3.  Cup/mug location (city, state, zip)
4.  Should your cup sell, do you agree to ship the cup with a USPS label provided by NCECA?
     Cups should be shipped out within 3 weeks of the auction closing when possible.
5.  Title and year: Please designate mug, cup, yunomi, teabowl, other. (Example –  Mug, 2019)
6.  Is your cup/mug signed? Yes or No
7.  Suggested Retail price for internal use only, not to be used on eBay.
8.  Cup/mug description – Complete the description box once.

(Example – Wheel thrown, stoneware, high-fire, reduction, tenmoku glaze, 6″ x 2″ x 2″)
Please include all descriptors:Building techniques (example: wheel thrown, handbuilt, slabs, slip casting, etc.)
Material (example: porcelain, earthenware, stoneware etc.)
Firing temperature (high fire, mid-range, low fire)
Firing method (example: reduction, oxidation, wood, soda etc.)
Glaze/surface treatment (example: shino, celadon, tenmoku, underglaze, luster, mixed media, etc.)
Dimensions Height x width x depth (list as inches)

9.  Upload five (5) images per cup. jpg ONLY, no smaller than 800×800 pixels at 72ppi, and no larger than 1600x1600ppi, not  to exceed 3MB.

  • The cup exhibition and sale is taking place on eBay. All cups will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. 
  • All starting bids will be $0.01. Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions to this starting bid. Rest assured that this starting price in no way reflects how NCECA values your work, rather it is how the eBay platform works best, and also allows for the lowest fee structure. All of which means more money for NCECA scholarships and fellowships.
  • Cups will be available for auction for 10 days. The highest bid at the close of the auction is the winner. 

  • Once the cup and shipping is purchased, NCECA will email the donor a pre-paid USPS shipping label. Using this label, the donor will pack and ship their cup to the purchaser.
  • Donors are responsible if there is any damage in shipping, so please pack well. Most mugs will fit in a 10 x 10” or 12 x 12” box. Use enough bubble wrap or similar padding so you cannot feel any sharp edges on the cup, and use a box 2” bigger in all directions than your bubble wrapped cup. Pack around the cup with peanuts or similar packing so your cup does not move inside the box.
    There are lots of great how-to videos and info online for packing work. Here is a link to a good tutorial by Ceramic Arts Network: 

  • Cups should be shipped out within 3 weeks of the auction closing when possible.

  • Register with eBay
  • Save NCECA as a seller on eBay to receive updates on new monthly sales 
  • Follow the @nceca_ces on Instagram, as well as the hashtag #NCECACupSale2020 
  • Bid high and bid often! Remember, all funds will go towards the NCECA Fund for Artistic Development, which directly supports artists through student scholarships and fellowships, International Residencies, outreach, and special initiatives.
  • Expect shipment of your cup within 20 business days of purchase. Shipping fees, including insurance, will be paid at the same time the cup/mug is purchased.
  • We’d also love it if you shared photos of your purchased cup on social media, using the hashtag #NCECACupSale2020
Submit Now

After you complete your online submission form, please hit SUBMIT only one time. The form data could take several minutes to submit particularly with multiple images. An email will be sent from NCECA’s database confirming your submission has been successfully transmitted and received. Please save the email.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24  hours after submitting your proposal, contact