Volunteering at the NCECA Conference

The call for the 2020 Richmond, Virginia Volunteers is now closed.  










We couldn’t put on this conference without our amazing volunteers! In exchange for working approximately 13 hours, Volunteers receive a calendar year membership, a full conference pass, and an enriching experience!

Please scroll down for brief descriptions of some of the many volunteer positions. Click on the 2020 NCECA Volunteer Handbook PDF for more details of what is expected of an NCECA Volunteer. 


Submitting a volunteer application is analogous with making a commitment to participate as a volunteer at the conference.

Once selected, Volunteers will be given a complimentary calendar-year membership and then will have 48 hours to pay the required $55 Volunteer fee for conference registration online. 

The Volunteer fee will be refunded after completion of volunteer duties at the 2020 conference in Richmond, VA. It will not be refunded in the event of a volunteer cancellation at any time. In the event of cancellation, the membership will be rescinded. 

All volunteers are expected to…
• interact constructively with conference staff, volunteer coordinators, presenters, registrants and the public;
• enforce NCECA policies regarding access to programming that requires visitors to wear a conference registration badge;
• when appropriate, ask people to clear aisles, doorways and fill in seats for safety of access and egress to all visitors; and,
• perform other duties as assigned.

Volunteer Handbook (pdf)

2020 Volunteer Position Descriptions (additional duties and positions added as needed)

Assistant Clay Fab Lab will report to their assigned room at their start time for their assignment. Will help the coordinator as needed.

Badge Checker controls entry into the meeting rooms and other assigned areas that are not open to the public. 

Badge Checker & Assistant – Reading Room will be stationed just inside the entrance to the reading room to be able to check name badges, limiting access to the room to those individuals bearing credentials, while overseeing the room. 

Bus Host and Bus Host-Receptions will ride the buses with the attendees. Must be familiar with the area the buses are running and able to direct people to the venues when the bus arrives at a stop.  

Bus Relief Host will relieve Bus Hosts for a break.  Must be able to perform the job descriptions listed under “Bus Host”.

Bus Ticket Taker is stationed at the conference center bus stop and exchanges the attendee ticket with a wrist band.

 Conference Material Stockers Makes sure the registration workers are stocked with conference bags and other needed materials.  Must be able to lift and carry boxes weighing up to 30 lbs to and from the registration area.

Demonstrating Artist Assistants will assist the demonstrating artists and will perform work that the demonstrator requires. This can be a physically demanding position and requires the volunteer to be alert to the needs of the artist.

Demonstration Preparation, Set-up/Tear-down Assistants will assist with preparation and delivery of materials and equipment, as well as removal. This can be a physically demanding position – must be able to lift heavy items.

Dismantling Expo Walls & Packing assistants pack gallery expo walls and assist galleries as needed. Requires ability to lift and carry 60 lbs. Must be familiar with the use of hand tools.

Gallery Expo Set Up assists in setting up the walls for the gallery expo and assists galleries as needed. Requires the ability to lift and carry 60 lbs.  Must be familiar with the use of hand tools.

Greeter assigned an area onsite to greet and assist conference attendees. 

Help Desk will assist attendees with any questions they have and assist the Greeter when needed. Must have attended at least one conference prior and have organizational knowledge of NCECA and the conference. 

 K12 Exhibition Assistant will report to the K12 Exhibition Coordinators and assist with any of their needs.

K12 Exhibition Assistant (packing) will assist the K12 Exhibition Coordinators with packing art.  Careful attention is required. May need to lift heavy items.

K12 Exhibition Set-Up Assistant will assist the K12 Exhibition Coordinators with unpacking of art and display set up. May need to lift heavy items.

 Monday Set-up Assistant will assist NCECA Staff members with the set-up of the office and the registration area. Must be able to lift heavy materials.

NCECA Merchandise Sales will assist attendees with the purchase of t-shirts, videos and publications.

NCECA Merchandise Set-up, Sales, and Tear Down will set up and assist attendees with the purchase of t-shirts, videos and publications. 

Office Monitor will be stationed at the entrance of the office only allowing designated people into the office space. 

Office Packing will assist with packing the NCECA office and supplies for shipment to the home office.  Must be able to lift heavy materials.

Floater Go-to person – helps everyone. Fills in other positions as need

Packet Preparation must be able to report on Tuesday.  You will unpack conference materials (programs, NCECA catalogs, advertisements, etc.) and will stuff the conference bags.  

Packet Preparation Setup Assistant must be able to report Monday evening and remove materials from pallets and organize. Must be able to lift heavy materials.

Photographer’s Assistant will assist NCECA’s photographer under his direction moving from location to location throughout the conference. 

 Registration Check In/Badge Printing will provide attendees with conference materials and assist with the printing of badges at pre-registration check-in.

 Process Room Assistants will assist the artist in the Process Room with any of the artists’ and or organizers’ needs.

Must have knowledge of working with clay and handling ceramics tools, equipment, and objects. May need to lift heavy items.

Projects Space De-Install will assist the artists with de-installation of their project and clean-up of the room. 

Must be able to lift heavy materials.

Projects Space Set Up will aid artists by carrying materials and readying their spaces in the hall. 

Must be able to lift heavy materials.

Resource Hall Assistant will aid Kate Vorhaus, Projects Manager.

Shuttle Ticket Sales Assistant will assist Lew White Tours personnel to sell and distribute exhibition shuttle tickets.

Student Critique Room Assistant will make sure that the critiques are staying on time as per the schedule and making sure they are not running over time.

 Student Critique Sign Up Assistant will assist NCECA’s board member sign up students for remaining Critique Room time slots.

Ushers will be stationed just inside of meeting rooms. Requires standing for entire shift. 

Videographer will pick up and return the camera to NCECA staff member, Tammy Lynn, who will be stationed at registration. 

Videographer Assistant will assist the videographer by handling the external mic and posing questions.  Meet the videographer at the Volunteer Registration desk.

Volunteer Desk Assistant will report to the Volunteer Coordinator and assist as needed.  

Please contact Tammy at volunteer@nceca.net if you have any questions.