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How many NCECA conferences have you attended?

How many times have you previously volunteered at conference?


AVAILABILITY (check all that apply; volunteers must be able to work approximately 13hrs during conference. The more flexible your availability is, the more likely you will be offered a position.)



 Payment and Cancellation policy: Submitting a volunteer application is analogous with making a commitment to participate in the conference.
Once selected, Volunteers are charged a $55 deposit for conference registration in the form of a credit card payment.

The deposit will be refunded only after fulfillment of volunteer duties at the 2019 conference in Minneapolis, MN.

All cancellation requests must be received in writing to by March 12, 2019.
Cancellation requests received after midnight EST will not receive the deposit refund.

Volunteers will receive a calendar year membership activated at the opening of conference.

All volunteers are expected to…
• interact constructively with conference staff, volunteer coordinators, presenters, registrants and the public;
• enforce NCECA policies regarding access to programming that requires visitors to wear a conference registration badge;
• ask people to clear aisles, doorways and fill in seats for safety of access and egress to all visitors; and,
• perform other duties as assigned.

Hitting submit indicates your understanding of these roles and the ability to perform them. Failure to perform duties may result in the termination of your volunteer status. I have read and understand the terms, expectations, and payment/cancellation policy set forth for NCECA volunteers.

Please hit Submit only ONCE! The form data could take several minutes to submit.