The conference registration fees and membership fees are separate costs. You must be a current NCECA Member to qualify for Member pricing. To purchase a membership and register for conference, select the type and add each one to your shopping cart. Both membership and conference registration must be in your shopping cart to receive member pricing.

The cost of individual conference registration can range from $35 for a student, Wednesday only day pass up to $370 for a non-member full conference pass purchased on-site at the conference. You will find the best rates by becoming a member of NCECA and registering well in advance of the conference. In fact, in most cases, the cost of becoming a member of NCECA will be realized in the discount you receive on conference registration. Members are reminded to log-in to their accounts before going to the online store to see the best pricing available.

Member and Non-Member pricing will also be posted on the website and within the “Event Details” of the conference registration item at the Online store. Conference registration fees vary by category, full or day pass and the date the transaction is completed. In order to take advantage of the Early-Bird discounts and receive the best value, you must complete your transaction before the Early-bird deadline at the end of January. After this registration fees will go up during the Advance Registration period which concludes in late February. Waiting to register on-site at the conference will result in higher costs.

Registration opens in October. There are Early-Bird and Advance registration discount periods:

  • Early-Bird online pre-registration starts in October and continues through the end of January. The dates can vary due to the start and end date of conference. Please check the “Event Details” for specific dates for each conference. All time deadlines are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). Mail-in registration forms must be post-marked by the Early-Bird deadline.
  • Advance online registration starts after Early-Bird deadline ends. Pre-registration closes after Advance registration ends the end of February. Mail-in registration forms must be post-marked one week prior to the Advance registration deadline. Please check the conference “Event Details” for specific dates at the Online Store.

After Advance Registration ends, conference registration will only be available on-site at the convention center. The member and non-member on-site registration fee will be the only available option. No Early-Bird or Advance registration fees available on-site

Standard Registration type is for everyone who is not a student. (Premium NCECA members use Standard type)

Student Registration type is for undergraduate, graduate or post-baccalaureate students enrolled in two or more courses within a college or university. (Please note: Students must provide an e-mail or document from their institution verifying their degree or certificate seeking enrollment status in two or more courses within a college or university. The verification document may be emailed to tammy@nceca.net, faxed, or mailed to the NCECA office) For on-site registration, please bring you school ID. You may need your ID to verify you’re a student if you have not already pre-registered.

Transitional Registration type is for previous student members who have separated from their academic institution within the past 24 months.


Full registration provides access to the array of scheduled programs, speakers and events presented by NCECA throughout the conference. Some presentation spaces can be highly attended. Be sure to arrive prior to the start time of presentations that you most want to see and seek out any available seat. Keep personal articles on your possession or under your seat and not on the one next to you. Lingering near doors and aisles presents a safety hazard, and obstructs others willing to occupy seats that may be vacant. Expect a request to move if you are in an aisle or doorway.

Upon arrival at the Convention Center, follow signs to NCECA. If you have pre-registered go directly to the Pre-Registration counter to verify your details, print your badge and pick up your conference materials that include a conference bag containing program guide, promotional materials, and drawing entry forms. NCECA Member Journals and pre-ordered exhibition catalogs will also be picked up at this time. Registration opens at 12:00 noon on Tuesday. Please check the Program Guide or NCECA Conference App for specific on-site registration hours.

An Event Name Badge is required to be worn at all times during the conference for entry into the Resource Hall and nearly all NCECA conference programming.


The name badge serves as proof of conference registration and is required to be worn at all times for entry into the Resource Hall and nearly all NCECA conference programming. Name badges will be checked upon entry into all NCECA programming rooms and halls. Exceptions include events that are open to the public; Projects Space, Gallery Expo, Keynote lecture on Wednesday evening, K-12 Exhibition, Cup Sale and Friday night dance.

A single Event Name Badge will be issued to an individual registrant. (Please note: This also applies to multi-day registration.) No badge swapping or sharing is permitted. Violations of this policy will result in a cancellation of registration and/or a penalty fee.

Be sure to secure your name badge in a safe place throughout the conference. If you leave your name badge in your hotel room, you will be asked to retrieve it.

Lost or misplaced badges will be charged a $50 replacement fee. A photo ID is required for replacement.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellation requests must be received in writing via mail or email by March 8, 2017 and are subject to a $40 processing fee. Cancellation requests received after midnight EST on  March 8, 2017  are not eligible for a refund.

We recommend that you print a copy of your purchase confirmation email and bring it with you to the event. If you are a full-time college student, please remember to bring your school ID. You may need it for onsite registration if you have not already pre-registered.
Registration for bus tours are handled by the company Lew White Tours not by NCECA. Your login for Lew White Tours is not necessarily the same as your NCECA website login. If you do not currently have a login for Lew White Tours, you will be instructed to do so on the Lew White Tours website. Please go to the Lew White Tours website to register.


As an attendee of the conference, you may be photographed and it may be used in future publications of NCECA.