Gerit Grimm

Flow: The 2014 NCECA Ceramic Arts Invitational

February 22 to March 23, 2014
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Flow: The 2014 NCECA Ceramic Arts Invitational was on exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum from February 22 to March 23, 2014 in conjunction with Material World, the 48th Annual NCECA Conference, taking place at the Delta Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin March 19 a�� March 22, 2014.

The NCECA Invitational is a themed, curated exhibition that features leading edge, large-scale and often challenging ceramic art. Held in even-numbered years, NCECAa��s Exhibitions Director collaborates with the host venue curator to develop an exhibition concept and select a foundational group of artistsa�� works by invitation. Augmenting this core selection, additional artists may respond to an open call for images of ceramic works that support the theme. This format brings established reputations and emerging talent to bear on the selected theme and adds vitality and fresh perspectives to ongoing discourse in contemporary art. The exhibition is organized and co-curated by NCECA Exhibitions Director, Linda Ganstrom and Mel Buchanan, Assistant Curator, 20th-century Design at Milwaukee Art Museum.


The 2014 NCECA Ceramic Arts Invitational explores the significance of flow in a physical, historical and symbolic sense. Water flows. Glaze flows. Clay flows. To flow is to move in a current, like a liquid. Yet you don’t need water to flow. A line can flow. Air flows. Music flows. Electricity flows. Ideas flow. Artists can flow in a state of focused motivation that brings a deep enjoyment to the process of their activity. Energy flows. Time flows. Life flows. Our present fluidly becomes our past. The museum promotes the flow of culture through the presentation of artworks and ideas of material culture.

With their spectacular view of Lake Michigan, the dramatic windows of the Baumgartner Galleria in the Milwaukee Art Museum allow the flow of water and light to be a constant presence in the art gallery. Whether in the atmospheric form of mist, rain, ice or snow, water in its various physical states transforms the elegant space, marking the flow of time and seasons. Set in this dramatic chamber of changing light and color, Flow: The 2014 NCECA Invitational seeks an elite group of memorable ceramic works that embody the spirit and physical properties of flow, as well as connect the contemporary space of the Calatrava architecture with the historic collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Linda Ganstrom and Mel Buchanan, Co-Curators

Artists Include: Chris Antemann, Beth Cavener, Michelle Erickson, France Goneau, Gerit Grimm, Christopher Gustin, Rain Harris, Del Harrow, Tsehai Johnson, Ryan Labar, JaeWon Lee, Lauren Mabry, Jeffrey Mongrain, Jarred Pfeiffer, Jeanne Quinn, Arlene Shechet, Linda Swanson, Billie Theide, Kato Tsubusa, Elenor Wilson