Shifts in Ceramic Art and Design National Exhibition

2013 NCECA and Arvada Center – CALL for Submissions
a�?Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Designa�? National Exhibition

The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities will host the 2013 a�?Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Designa�?
National Exhibition from September 12 a�� November 10, 2013.

NCECA and the Arvada Center are organizing a blended invitational and competitive ceramic exhibition for artists from the United States. This format brings established reputations and emerging talent to bear on the selected theme and adds vitality and fresh perspectives to an ongoing dialogue.
The exhibition is curated and organized by NCECA Exhibitions Director, Linda Ganstrom; the Arvada Centera��s Ceramics Program Coordinator, Bebe Alexander; and the Arvada Centera��s Exhibition Manager and Curator, Collin Parson.

Our world is in flux, constantly moving and changing faster than ever. a�?Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Designa�? seeks dynamic, contemporary ceramic works addressing creative responses to current shifts in the artista��s world and work. Ceramic artists are faced with new challenges and opportunities as technology affects their materials, equipment, studio practices and market. From commercial clay bodies and glazes to industrially designed decals and inclusion stains to computer interfaces with kilns; industry is impacting the studio potter in both subtle and dramatic ways. Some new technologies, such as rapid prototyping machines, CNC routers and 3D copiers are shifting the design and production of ceramic work into unfamiliar realms. Oxygen probes and computer controlled kilns affect glaze color through more scientifically oriented firings. Commercially designed stains and glazes reflect the latest trends in color and pattern sensibility. Less obvious, yet equally significant shifts occur as artists use the internet and social media in innovative ways to teach, market and connect with different audiences, as the information age affects both how and why an artist makes and shares their work. From trends influencing the domestic scene in the modern home to societal changes influencing the role of ceramics; the worlds of craft, fine arts, industry, design and education are intersecting with the world of ceramics. a�?Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Designa�? challenges artists to consider how they are adjusting their studio practice and products to reflect their changing world and submit work that reveals their a�?Earth Moves.a�?

Media and Limitations
All works must be primarily ceramic. Mixed media works will be accepted only if ceramic materials are the primary media, although video documentation of projects involving ceramics will be considered. The curators will make final determinations. Work must fit through a standard door. Floor and pedestal works must be firmly stable. Wall-mounted pieces are limited to 20 lbs per section. Works may only be hung from the ceiling if determined acceptable by facility staff. Work must have been produced within the last five years and not have been shown in previous NCECA exhibitions.

Entry Guidelines
All entries must be submitted electronically through Juried Art Services.

The initial curatorial phase will be accomplished through review and selection of images of works submitted and available for the exhibition. Artists may submit up to five pieces with two images of each work, not to exceed 10 images.

Members fee is $20
Non-Members fee is $35

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