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CRITICAL Santa Fe: Developing Criticism in Ceramics
 October 27-30, 2010, Santa Fe, New Mexico
International Speakers, Panels and Discussion

You are invited to participate in a 3-day Symposium of investigation and dialogue to establish new practices essential to the future of art criticism.  Attendance is limited to provide you an exclusive opportunity for audience interaction with key international speakers and panelists.
Ted Adler, Joe Arredondo, Robert Atkins, Ivan Barnett, Terry Barrett, Glen Brown, Garth Clark, Gabi Dewald, Linda Durham, Moyra Elliot, Amy Gogarty, Tanya Harrod, Elaine O. Henry, Dave Hickey, Jacques Kaufmann, Janet Koplos, Paul Kotula, Donald Kuspit, Paul Mathieu, Hunt Prothro, Howard Risatti, Jim Romberg, Raphael Rubinstein, Roberta Smith, Adam Welch

The following are suggested readings for those attending the symposium:

Infrequently Asked Questions by: Robert Atkins
A Bibliography of Suggested Readings
Roberta Smith with Irving Sandler
Is Art Criticism in Crisis? - Raphael Rubenstein (show transcript or download audio)
The Silo - Raphael Rubenstein
Raphael Rubenstein's article on Sigmar Polke
Shirley Jaffe with Raphael Rubenstein
Paul Mathieu's "The Radical Autonomy of Ceramics"
Lecture - "The Function of Theory" by Ted Adler
Essay Questioning "Wood-fire Aesthetics" by Ted Adler
Jacques Kaufmann's Nietsche quote and image

Contemporary critical practice will require a dialogue of many voices this symposium is organized to encourage interaction, dialogue and response to the featured presentations. Attendance will be limited. Recognizing the need to engage all aspects of the field the invited presenters include critics, educators, artists, gallery owners, writers, students, editors, collectors and patrons.


[m] = moderator
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
        3:00pm   -   7:00pm    Registration
        5:00pm   -   5:30pm    Opening reception
        5:30pm   -   7:00pm    Hosted dinner
        7:00pm   -   7:30pm    Welcome and proceedings
        7:30pm   -   9:00pm    Opening roundtable “Issues in Criticism” – Robert Atkins [m], Garth
                                               Clark, Tanya Harrod, Janet Koplos, Donald Kuspit, Raphael Rubinstein
Thursday, October 28, 2010
        8:00am   -   4:30pm    Registration
        8:30am   -    8:45am    Welcome and introductions
        8:45am   -    9:45am    Lecture by Dave Hickey
        9:45am   - 10:00am    Break
      10:00am   - 11:30am    Roundtable “Considerations for interpretation” – Terry Barrett [m],
                                                Glen Brown, Amy Gogarty, Howard Risatti
      11:30am   -   1:00pm    Lunch on own
        1:00pm   -   2:00pm    Lecture by Donald Kuspit
        2:00pm   -   2:15pm    Break
        2:15pm   -   3:15pm    Lecture by Garth Clark
        3:30pm   -   4:30pm    Lecture by Janet Koplos
        4:30pm   -   6:30pm    Dinner on own
        6:30pm   -   7:30pm    Lecture by Raphael Rubinstein
Friday, October 29, 2010
        8:30am   -    8:45am    Welcome and introductions
        8:45am   -    9:45am    Lecture by Gabi Dewald
        9:45am   - 10:00am    Break
      10:00am   - 11:30am    Roundtable “The Shape of Judgment” – Adam Welch [m],
                                                Glen Brown, Tanya Harrod, Paul Mathieu
      11:30am   -   1:00pm    Lunch on own
        1:00pm   -   2:30pm    Roundtable “Galleries, Curation & Criticism” – moderator TBA,
                                                Ivan Barnett, Linda Durham, Moyra Elliot
        2:30pm   -   3:30pm    Break/Travel to gallery critiques
        3:30pm   -   5:30pm    Gallery critiques - Participating Galleries and Critics:
                                                      Jane Sauer Gallery / Janet Koplos
                                                      Linda Durham Gallery / Gabi Dewald
                                                      Santa Fe Clay / Garth Clark
                                                      Santa Fe Community College Gallery / Robert Atkins
                                                      Patina Gallery / Raphael Rubinstein
                                                      Zane Bennett Gallery / Roberta Smith
                                                      Robert Nichols Gallery / Tanya Harrod
        5:00pm   -   8:00pm     Exhibition openings
        8:00pm                          Dinner and evening on your own
Saturday, October 30, 2010
        8:30am   -    8:45am    Welcome and introduction
        8:45am   -    9:45am    Lecture by Roberta Smith
        9:45am   - 10:00am    Break
      10:00am   - 11:30am    Roundtable “Criticism and Publications” – Elaine O. Henry [m],
                                                Janet Koplos, Howard Risatti
      11:30am   -   1:00pm    Lunch on own
        1:00pm   -   2:30pm    Roundtable “Criticism and the Creator” – Hunt Prothro [m],
                                                Jacques Kaufman, Joe Arredondo
        2:30pm   -   2:45pm    Break
        2:45pm   -   4:15pm    Roundtable “Strategies for the Writer, Maker, Gallery, Publisher for the
                                                Future of Criticism” – Ted Adler[m], Robert Atkins, Paul Mathieu,
                                                Paul Kotula
        4:15pm   -   4:30pm    Break
        4:30pm   -   5:30pm    Closing discussion “The Future” moderated by Jim Romberg

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 5:00 – 7 p.m. Santa Fe Community College’s Visual Arts Gallery
Public opening reception
CRITICAL CHAOS: An Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics
Karen Bolton, Mike Corney, Clarence Cruz, Craig Donalson, Dave Eichelberger, Bill Gilbert, Susan Harris, Brian Harper, Julianne Harvey, Elizabeth Hunt, Heidi Kreitchet, Eva Kwong, Nick Joerling, Alan E. Lasiloo, Max Lehman, Samuel Manymules, James Marshall, Brian Molanphy, Francie Parker, Diego Romero, Matt Repsher, Monica Van den Dool, Triesch Voelker, Gretchen Wachs, Frank Willett.
Reception hosted by SFCC Ceramics Department Clay Club
For more information call 505.428.1501

See this flyer for the CRITICAL Chaos exhibit!

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