As the world’s largest organization dedicated to the ceramic arts and ceramic arts education, NCECA provides valuable benefits to its members. NCECA is a conduit of creative ideas, educational methodologies and artistic inspiration. Members enjoy direct access to the largest network of ceramic arts professionals, art educators and patrons of the art. Everyone connected to this most ancient of art forms—and ever-new frontier of artistic endeavor—will find a home in NCECA. There is a membership category for everyone.


Artist: Ross


Ceramic arts educators of all levels find inspiration in their art form at NCECA, as well as practical ideas and methodologies to augment the curriculum they use in the classroom. NCECA is also a community in which to present papers and share one’s own lessons and ideas. From informal networking to crucial peer review, NCECA members can expand their artistic horizons at the Council’s annual conference. A ceramic arts education community is available online, through discussion boards, downloadable lesson plans and other resources that enrich the educator’s work.

Students are special people at NCECA. They can take advantage of discounted membership fees and plug into the international ceramic arts community early in their artistic careers. Many students find direction and focus for their arts education as a result membership. The resources on the NCECA website allow students at all stages of the art to integrate the best practices and the freshest ideas into their own developing body of work.

Professional Artists
Whether the ceramic arts represent a full-time profession or a part of one’s broader vocation, NCECA membership is a valuable connection to fellow artists, gallery owners, museums and patrons of the art. Not only will artists find creative inspiration and peer review, but there are resources to help the professional artist run their business side of the vocation.

Art Gallery Owners and Museum Curators
As people responsible for identifying new developments in the art form, gallery owners and curators who join NCECA gain access to many of the best and the brightest ceramic artists in the US and overseas. NCECA membership provides an advance look at the emerging artists who will shape the art form for years to come. NCECA strives to foster the artist/gallery bond, one that is mutually beneficial to both parties and crucial to the perpetuation of the ceramic arts. Whether online, at our conference, or in day-to-day connections, NCECA keeps this valuable line of communication open 365 days a year.

Corporate Memberships
If a company sells its products and services to the ceramic arts community, NCECA membership is an investment that provides direct access to the largest network of ceramic artists and ceramic arts educators in the world. NCECA offers recognition opportunities while making meaningful use of corporate marketing dollars. Corporate sponsorships are also available for NCECA conferences and other events.

Special Thanks to NCECA…We appreciate your devotion to ceramics culture. We also honor your generous support that has enriched and vitalized the energy of Taiwan ceramic arts.
— Lin, Shi-Yao Taipei County Acting Governor