Rob Ruimers   

by Nanne op ‘t Ende                                                                                                                 

Rob Ruimers insists: man is ruled by his instincts rather than by reason. Many of his sculptures refer to genitalia as symbols for lust and procreation while others address ambition and the struggle for power. One cannot help but think: is this really all there is? An insatiable hunger for more sex, more money, influence, recognition? No wonder one of Ruimers’ installation pieces is called Horror Vacui! And it is at exactly this point, where misanthropy is looming large, that his work starts to release its positive energy.

Confronting his own primitive desires, Ruimers is not only brutally honest, he is also optimistic: facing our true nature and coming to terms with it allows a more meaningful and playful approach to life. He scrutinously investigates his own motivations and transfigures them into objects of beauty. Size, measure, material, surface, colour, weight and movement: every sculptural aspect is carefully worked through and related to numerous layers of meaning. Ruimers’ work acts as a mirror, hilariously distorting and painfully accurate, but above all it is funny, free and profound.