NCECA Annual Conference

2013 NCECA Resource Hall FAQs

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Q: What is the Conference Headquarters hotel and far is it from the Convention Center?
A: Hilton Americas – Houston; connected to the George R. Brown Convention Center via two indoor skywalks.

Q: As a Resource Hall participant can we show and sell finished art work?
A: Ceramic wares that relate directly to the products, resources and/or services offered by participating businesses and
non‐profits may be displayed in up to 25% of the space purchased but they may NOT be sold.

Q: Does NCECA offer Member and Non Member space fees?
A: Yes, Corporate and Institutional Members receive a discount on booth/table fees. For full details on membership
Benefits visit

Q: On the floor plan, what are the small rectangular boxes? What are the three connected circles?
A: The small boxes are in‐floor utility boxes. The three connected circles are floor to ceiling pillars with cross bars;
Click HERE to view a picture of HALL B3

Q: Do the booth/table fees include representative conference passes?
A: Yes!

• First commercial booth comes with three (3) conference passes, each additional booth will come with two (2)
conference passes. ONLY two (2) additional passes may be purchased at $100 each, PER company.

• Non‐Profit Resource table comes with two (2) conference passes; ONLY two (2) additional passes may be purchased at
$100 each.

Q: Is membership included with the Representative conference passes?
A: No, Membership may be purchased through the NCECA Store at

Q: Do I need a Houston or State of Texas sales tax license?
A: Yes, the State of Texas requires you to collect and pay sales tax of 8.25%.

Please direct all tax questions to 1‐800‐252‐5555.
To register for license online:
To register for license by mail:‐201.pdf

Q: May I hand carry my boxes into the Resource Hall?
A: Exhibitors may deliver their own materials into the Resource Hall by hand or with a 2 wheel dolly at the loading dock
in 20 minutes or less.

Q: Do I need to pay for electricity and internet service?
A: Yes, you will be sent a complete Service Packet with order forms from Fern Expo in January 2013.

Electrical: Estimated costs based on 2012 rates; approximately $100.00 for 120VAC, 15 AMP service
Please contact Kate Vorhaus, 2013 Resource Hall Coordinator, with other questions you may have
regarding the 2013 Resource Hall in Houston.