NCECA Annual Conference


March 30-April 2, 2011 • Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
Tampa Convention Center • 333 South Franklin Street, Tampa, FL  33602

THEME:  Tidal Forces: The Next Wave will examine and expose the unbroken arc spanning our deepest traditions and the most contemporary emerging work.  A tidal wave can work to teardown walls between old and new, while unearthing what is hidden beneath the surface.  We intend to help artists look beyond what is conventional while remembering the roots of this powerful and multi-faceted art form.  The 2011 conference will both celebrate the new works being created while also examining the power of traditional art.

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Keynote Speaker

Carl H.

Stranger than Fiction…An Evening with Carl Hiaasen

Bestselling novelist and journalist Carl Hiaasen is among South Florida's most vital natural resources.  He writes in a comic style -- Hiaasenesque -- that combines thrilling plot lines, blunder-prone schemes, headstrong men and women, corrupt politicians, and a loving nod to the natural landscape of South Florida.  And that's just his journalism.  His fiction -- slightly more outrageous, but just -- has earned him praise as one of America's finest satirical novelists, and has sold millions. The New York Times writes that, "the arrival of each of his new novels makes the world a slightly happier place."

Closing Speaker

Robin Hopper

Robin Hopper - "Born in a Bomb Crater: Lived on a Tidal Wave"


Tampa Museum of Art
New Tampa Museum of Art, will host the NCECA Biennial Exhibition

Tampa Convention Center
Tampa Bay Convention Center -  located on Tampa Bay