NCECA is seeking support from its members and friends by embarking on an annual appeal.
You may wonder, “Why ask me? Why now?”

NCECA’s need is clear...

  1. Most non-profit organizations derive a significant portion of their income from charitable gifts. Regular annual gifts provide a base of support from which our mission-orientated organization can sustain today while working to enhance relevancy through innovative services, programming and initiatives.

  2. Sustaining NCECA’s rich traditions, including annual sponsored exhibitions, support for the National K-12 Ceramic Foundation Exhibition, the Randall Session, and provocative conference keynote speakers, requires protection from risk particularly at a time when political and economic conditions jeopardize the welfare of deep learning and engagement in the creative arts.

  3. NCECA’s continued support of artists through sponsored residencies, scholarships and fellowships add to the knowledge in the field each year.

  4. NCECA’s mission and vision have become more comprehensive reflecting the evolution of the field in the context of a rapidly globalizing society. This effort to grow and adapt can only be nurtured through support beyond what conference registration fees can provide, particularly while NCECA strives to keep conference participation accessible to all interested persons.

NCECA’s past success is clear...

  1. The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts has earned recognition as the most significant organization of its kind. Throughout its decades-long commitment to the ceramic arts and ceramic arts education, NCECA has made a difference for artists, students, educators, collectors, critics, enthusiasts, galleries, ceramic businesses, and non-profit organizations, for nearly 50 years.

  2. The quality and content of NCECA’s programming and exhibitions have contributed significantly to the field, earning recognition and support from the National Endowment for the Arts and meriting press coverage in local, national and international media.

  3. NCECA conferences and symposia have international scope and appeal with annual representation of individuals and organizations from 20-30 countries.

  4. Each year, NCECA’s scholarships, fellowships and awards provide opportunities and change the lives of individuals striving for excellence in the field. The generosity of spirit from NCECA’s membership, as demonstrated through the Annual Cup Sale, is testimony to the fact that collectively we can make a difference, raise awareness and enhance the vibrancy of ceramic art in our time.

NCECA’s mission and goals are clear...

NCECA is a dynamic organization that fosters global education and appreciation of the ceramic arts and offers opportunities and resources for the advancement of the field. The organization is developing and achieving important work guided by three strategic plan goals:

  1. An ever increasing awareness of the ceramic arts in society

  2. Ever increasing value for NCECA members through essential, high quality and unique programs and year-round services

  3. Robust structures and systems that respond to opportunities and adapt to changing conditions

Securing NCECA’s future is essential…

Maintaining NCECA’s resiliency and focus amidst the challenges currently facing the arts and education is of critical importance to all of us. It is essential that those who love ceramics champion the causes of creativity and reflection in learning during difficult times. NCECA’s resolve to serve and nurture the ceramic arts and education in all its diverse expressions is enduring. NCECA remains committed to clay-workers and the belief that creativity, education and innovation are the pathway to a hopeful future. NCECA’s vision continues to expand, offering innovative programs and resources to ever-changing individuals, communities and institutions. More than simply sharing information within the ceramic community, NCECA strives to educate and influence the world at large about the rich history, diverse and vibrant present, and cutting edge future of ceramic creation.

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It is our professional organization that brings the clay community together to share ......everything!
— Studio Artist