bharperDirector-at-Large (2012-2015)

Twenty years ago in a classroom in Wyoming, a ball of clay was given to me by my middle school teacher.  That moment set my life's course, and since then I have formed meaningful bonds with many people who have also chosen clay as a lifestyle.   I finished my undergraduate education in ceramics at Southern Utah University, and I received my Masters of Fine Art at the University of Florida.  In between those events I was a resident artist and post-baccalaureate student at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, a summer studio assistant with Clary Illian in Ely Iowa, and an apprentice with Silvie Granatelli.  I have curated shows, worked in art galleries and art centers, written about ceramics, taught in university and community settings, and interned with Ceramics Art and Perception.  I am currently finishing a Master of Arts in Critical Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art where I am working on a thesis project that is focused on studio pottery and its vital role in contemporary American culture.

My interest in serving on the NCECA board stems from my unending gratitude to the organization for what I have gained since my first NCECA in 2000. Within the conference halls of cities all over the country I was able to see demonstrations, and attend lectures that have enriched my relationship with clay and allowed me to see its cultural relevance.  I have an abundance of ideas and am naturally optimistic and forward thinking.  I have a lot of energy, willingness and experience to bring to the board.  I want to take part in being a cog in the many wheels that make this great organization function.