Brian Kohl

Sam Chung

Teaching Background

University and community college teaching experience for over five years. Currently teach introduction to advanced courses in ceramics and sculpture. Qualified to teach courses in: mixed media, 2-D and 3-D design, wheel-throwing, sculpture, hand-building,glaze formulation, mold making, kiln firing and construction, and foundation courses in drawing, animation, stop-motion film making, and digital video editing.

Studio Ceramics Background

Studio management, green studio practices, material safety, formulation of clays and glazes, kiln building/repair techniques (updraft, downdraft, experimental), equipment maintenance/repair, and gas, electric, wood, soda and salt firing techniques.

Technical Background

Welding and metal fabrication, woodworking with both power and hand tools, mold making (plaster, silicone, and resin), and fiberglass.