Image Submission Guidelines

*Since your images may be used in a NCECA publication we need to have high quality JPG images (minimum 8" x 10" , resolution ppi/dpi 300). This is submittal for programming and the images can be used on our web site, program guide, Journal.

* Be sure that you are on a stable internet connection before uploading large images. (dial-up connections are not recommended.)

* Images need to be of reasonable size (under 2mb is good)

If you do not have image editing software, below are links to free online image editing applications:

The standard image details required on each image for all submittals:

  1. Title
  2. Brief image description
  3. Type of clay
  4. Firing / Decoration method
  5. Date
  6. Size
  7. Weight
  8. Insurance value
  9. Retail value


Thank you for your support of the K-12 Exhibition! My students participated this year and it was incredible. When we touch these kids at such an impressionable age we are sending them the message of how important ART is!!
— Educator