NCECA 2016 Pre/Post Conference Events cannot conflict with programming. If you are interested, please apply by filling out the form below.


February 17-March 14


Artists, firefighters, and volunteers will create and fire a 9-feet tall ceramic sculpture on the grounds of the Columbia Fire Department Admin. Building, commemorating the firefighters’ Last Call. Public is invited to observe and/or assist during the construction phase.  There will be an unveiling celebration at the last stage of firing on March 14th @ 5:00 p.m., when the firefighters will join artists throwing sawdust and glaze materials on the red-hot sculpture.  For more info, go to  Participating artists – Patrick Hutti, Marni Gable, Matt Moyer, Shawna Johnson.

Columbia Fire Department Administrative Building
201 Orr Street
Columbia, MO 65201, 573-875-0275

Observing construction is free; March 14 unveiling celebration tickets $15.
Contact Shawna Johnson,, 573-875-0275
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March 9-14


The University of Kansas Ceramics department will host a pre-NCECA conference March 9 – 14. Everyone is welcome to attend. Events planned include workshops/demonstrations, artist talks, exhibitions, wood firings and more. We welcome a great mix of national and international artists including; Linda Christianson, Josh Dewesse, Julia Galloway, Louis Kittelson, Carla Martinez, Lorna Meaden, Mat Rude, Robert Sanderson, James Tingey, Lisa Orr, Scott Parody, Diego Valles.

WOOD FIRINGS- At the Chamney Barn kilns complex on the West Campus of the University of Kansas, we have four wood burning kilns: a large anagama, noborigama w/ salt chamber, bourry box (train) and a wood soda. Beginning March 9 and ending on March 14, we will load and fire all four kilns; each firing will be led by a pair of visiting artists. You are welcome to participate in these firings and work with these great artists. Registration is limited, so sign up early. You should bring bisqued work to fire. We will unload on the afternoon of March 19th. Our University accounting situation is complicated, so we have to do this the old school way, sorry. To register; please send a check or money order made out to UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CERAMICS to: Marshall Maude, 1467 Jayhawk Blvd., 300 Chalmers Hall, Lawrence, KS 66044 . We are trying to keep this event as inexpensive as possible. Participation in the wood firings will include all firings, a T-shirt and one dinner. The cost is $100; $50 for students and international participants are free. Please register online.
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WORKSHOPS- March 9 and 10 Diego Valles, Carla Martinez, Robert Sanderson and Louis Kittelson will give demonstrations in the main Ceramics studio 110 Chalmers Hall from 9am – 4pm. Artists’ talks and exhibition openings will take place Thursday evening. These events are free and open to the public. March 14 as part of the Fire Spectacular; Linda Christianson, Josh DeWeese, Julia Galloway, Lorna Meaden and Lisa Orr will give demonstrations from 9-5 at the Chamney Barn kiln complex. This event is free and open to the public.

SLIDE FORUM- One of the great things about ceramics events is meeting new people and seeing new work. If you would like the opportunity to share your work with others, we will provide time and space at the Chamney Barn complex to accommodate this; we’re planning 15 minutes each for presentations. Registration is open to all, but a limited number will be accommodated.

PERFORMANCE KILNS & SCULPTURES- Several performance kilns are planned for this event, with opportunities to help build and participate in these projects. Proposals are being accepted for additional projects, limited funding is available.

FIRE SPECTACULAR- All activities culminate on March 14 at the Chamney Barn kilns complex at the University of Kansas, located at 2544 Westbrooke Circle. Linda Christianson, Josh DeWeese, Julia Galloway, Lorna Meaden and Lisa Orr will give demonstrations from 9am – 5pm. As day turns to evening, kilns will be fired off, performance kilns unveiled and a dinner will celebrate the event.

These events are sponsored by the KU Student Senate, the KU Ceramics Club and the Department of Visual Art. All are welcome. This concluding event is free and open to the public. A donation of ceramic artwork would be greatly appreciated and will be sold at the annual Ceramics Club sale at market price. All proceeds will help fund club activities.

March 11, 12

Lawrence Arts Center Ceramics Symposium 

The Lawrence Arts Center will host six ceramicists in a symposium on topics central to contemporary ceramics. This rare opportunity offers a chance to interact and observe ceramic artists working in the top of the field. Over the course of two days, this select group of artists are active in studios at the Lawrence Arts Center demonstrating sculpting processes, wheel throwing, surface decoration and glazing, representing a diverse range of techniques and approaches to ceramic art. The six artists are paired up in three studios at the Arts Center, to demonstrate their techniques and encourage dialogue with the audience. Attendees are encouraged to visit each of the three studios throughout the two day symposium. 9:00am-4:30pm each day. Artists Participating: Cristina Cordova, Ayumi Horie, Sergei Isupov, Roberto Lugo, Ron Meyers, Liz Quackenbush. Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence, KS 66044 . Contact Ben Ahlvers, 785-843-2787, $125.
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March 12, 13

A Legacy of Making 

Red Star Studios is proud to host a two-day demonstration workshop featuring three Kansas City Art Institute alumni who represent 20 years of the ceramic department’s dynamic legacy: Chris Gustin, John Balistreri and Matt Long. All three were non-traditional students who made a career for themselves by thoughtfully pushing the limits of ceramics through insightful hard-work and risk-taking. The weekend before the NCECA conference in Red Star’s large beautiful studio, come see them simultaneously demonstrate the way they make such dynamic work and hear stories about the lasting influence the “Kansas City experience” had on them as students and professional artists. 9:30 am to 4pm, both days. Free public lectures at 4:30pm, both days. Red Star Studios, 2011 Tracy Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri, 64108, 816-474-7316 . Contact Tommy Frank,
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Two-Day Pass: $225 Regular, $195 Studio Members, $100 Students and Educators
One-Day Pass: $120 Regular, $95 Studio Members, $50 Students and Educators

March 13, 14

It could be anything 

Handbuilt. Thrown. Cast… A tripod of building methods that form the foundation of the ceramic process. Ryan LaBar, Linda Lopez, and Peter Pincus will join forces and share their mastery of each of these techniques during an interactive workshop in the heart of America. Join the conversation with three influential makers for two inspirational days at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays, 1831 E 1450 Road, Lawrence, KS, 66044, 888-822-1982 . 9:00am-5:00pm each day. $225 per person, student special – 2 for the price of 1!  Single day registrations also available for $125 per day.  No longer accepting registrations

Contact Cindy Bracker, 785-841-4750,
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March 14, 15

Workshop by Ching-Yuan, Chang 

Visiting artist Ching-Yuan, Chang, Professor of Art, Tainan National University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Applied Arts, Taiwan will demonstrate his advanced wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques. He will present a lecture on his creative work during the workshop as well. Professor Chang was an invited demonstrator at the 2014 NCECA conference in Milwaukee. Monday 9:00am-5:00pm; Tuesday 9:00am-12:00 noon (approx.). $75 non-MSU students and folks; $40 for students from other institutions (need current school ID). Missouri State University, Art and Design Department Ceramics Studios, 327 West Mill Street, Brick City Building One, Room 105, Springfield, MO 65804 . Contact Professors Keith Ekstam or Kevin Hughes 417-827-2265,;
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Making: Dan Murphy and Jason Hess 

During the two days of the workshop Dan and Jason will demonstrate their approach to making work, specifically work for wood firing. Concurently, an exhibition of Dan and Jason’s wood fired work will be held at the Greg Hardwick Gallery at Columbia College with a public reception March 15th (Exhibition Contact: Bo Bedilion, 9:00am-5:00pm both days. University of Missouri, Art Department, A126 Fine Arts Bldg., Columbia, MO 65211 (2 hours east of Kansas City), 573-882-3555 . $40; $25 for students. Contact Bede Clarke, 573-881-1525,
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Pitchers – Functional Form / Sculptural Presence 

Pitchers… an eminently functional form that potters have made through the centuries. In addition to defining its function, the spout and handle animate a pitcher to give it sculptural presence. In this workshop Jennifer Allen, Simon Levin, Deborah Schwartzkopf and Steven Hill will demonstrate their unique aesthetic and technical approach to this timeless form. 10:00am-5:00pm both days. 323CLAY, 323 W. Maple Avenue, Independence, MO, 64050, 816-254-7552 . $175. Contact Cindy Powers, 816-810-0181,
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March 15

The Heartland Table: Celebrating the Crossroads Connecting Functional Pottery, Artisanal Spirits, and Culinary Arts 

Presented as a pre-conference event at the 50th annual National Conference on Education for the Ceramic Arts, The Heartland Table is being produced by Cook on Clay, Studio Potter journal with Kansas City’s FEAST magazine as a major sponsor. Please join us for a remarkable evening of art for food, food as art, and the finest of Kansas City’s bounty, regional beer, and artisanal spirits. The Heartland Table is a showcase and sale of many of the Midwest’s finest potters producing tableware.

Along with cooking demonstrations featuring Cook on Clay flameware pots, guests will enjoy a wonderfully diverse tasting created by six Kansas City chefs and paired with artisanal spirits and locally brewed beer. This trend-setting event brings the quality and intention of regional pots and potters, local farms and chefs, hometown craft cocktails, and locally brewed beer directly from the hands of the makers to the guests of the Heartland Table.

Potters: Margaret Bohls, Mark Cole, Chandra DeBuse, Brice Dyer, Stuart Gair, Meredith Host, Gail Kendall, Brenda Lichman, Robbie Lobell, Kyla Strid. Chefs: Josh Eans (Happy Gillis and The Ramen Shop), Michael Foust (The Farmhouse), Ted Habiger (Room 39 and Brewery Imperiale), Howard Hanna (The Rieger), Craig Howard (Howard’s Grocery and Café), Alex Pope (Local Pig and The Pigwich).

Tom’s Town Distillery in the Crossroads Arts District
1701 Main Street, Kansas City

Tickets: $56 (advanced ticket sales only): Age 21 and over. ID’s required at door. Purchase tickets at Brown Paper Tickets:
Further information contact Robbie Lobell, 360-678-1414; cell: 360-929-8121;
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Clay Formulation Workshop with Ron Roy 

Ron Roy is offering a one day clay body formulation workshop. Why a workshop on clay body formulation? Clay bodies are sometimes changed by the manufacturer and sent out the door without telling the potter that the formulation of the body has changed. This could be because a mine has shut down and a material is no longer available, forcing a substitution to be made. Perhaps you have heard of a potter who did not test the new batch of clay and lost a kiln load of work because of this. Or perhaps this has happened to you. In any event, if you formulate your own clay body, you can have it mixed to your specification, and when a supply is no longer available or the analysis of a material has changed, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to make substitutions and retain full control over your clay, making sure it will work with your glazes. Topics to be covered: • Overview of clay body materials and their purpose. • Formulating a Cone 6 clay body. • Formulating a cone 10 clay body. • Using software for clay body formulation (Insight and GlazeMaster). • How-to tips on mixing test batches of clay, measuring absorption, shrinkage, and expansion. • Analyzing fired results, and tips for adjusting the clay to meet your needs. As in all of Ron’s workshops there will be plenty of time for student’s questions, and if time allows, students will formulate their own clay body.

9 am-4 pm. (There will be a break to allow time to pick up NCECA passes.)
Downtown Marriott Hotel
200 West 12th Street
Kansas City MO 64105
Contact: Owen Dearing, 541 977- 6539,
Cost: $75. Space is limited to four students

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March 19

Joint Reception for Topeka Ceramics Exhibitions 

Several Topeka, Kansas institutions are holding exhibitions in conjunction with NCECA. This progressive reception will be held for the following exhibitions: Mulvane Art Museum Juried Ceramics Exhibition, Mulvane Art Museum, 17th and S.W. Jewell Streets, Washburn University, Topeka, KS 66621 ; Foundations: Work by Founding Members of NCECA, Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, 1515 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka, KS 66604 ; Ceramics by Chris “Arnie” Arensdorf, Ryan Caldwell, Monette Mark and larry Peters, NOTO Arts Center, 935 N. Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66608 .

Contact: Zan Popp

Julie Myers, 785-670-2425

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