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March 20

Tour to the Two Wood Fire Kilns in Yamhill County 

Both East Creek Anagama and FuuKooGama are open for viewing of unloaded works displayed in the order of how they were loaded for the respective pre-Conference firings. There will be additional work available for purchase in tents. East Creek Anagama was the second oldest west of the Mississippi river and also the second oldest continuous use kiln of its kind in the United States, and focused on education. FuuKooGama has been focusing on the fusion of East and West, offering visiting artist workshops and exchange firings with the regular firing crew and guest artists from both Japan and United States. Participating artists – East Creek Anagama: Cindy & Don Hoskisson, Don Sprague, Mark Terry, Joe Robinson, Jerrold Martisak, and many other crew; FuuKooGama: Chris Gustin, Doug Casebeer, John Neely and Takashi Nakazato, guest artists and Ruri, Chris Baskin, Brad McLemore, Jason Laney, Kimberly Ota, Cooper Jeppessen and others.

18526 SW Rock Creek Road
Sheridan, OR
Handicap Accessible

East Creek Anagama
12251 E Creek Road
Willamina, OR
Handicap Accessible

*Both places are graveled, not paved.

Cindy Hoskisson 503-508-5733
Ruri 503-843-4375, 808-457-6785 (cell, text first).




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