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March 17-20

Wine Tasting at The Potter’s Vineyard and Clay Art Gallery

Come out early to NCECA and visit The Potter’s Vineyard and Clay Art Gallery. Enjoy a taste of Oregon estate grown Pinot Noir and Rosé of Pinot Noir while you enjoy the display of clay art made by local artists. Tour our LIVE certified and Salmon Safer sustainable vineyard and experience the magic of bud break that occurs this time of year. The tasting room is located 45 minutes SW of Portland ó mile off of Highway 99 on the way to the Anagama Kilns in Yamhill county. Participating artists Bill and Sandy Sanchez and various local ceramic artists from Yamhill County.

The Potter’s Vineyard and Clay Art Gallery
14725 NE Quarry Road
Newberg, OR 97132, 503-504-3797.

Contact Sandy Sanchez, 503-504-3797, $10 tasting fee; $20 optional winery tour and barrel tasting. Please RSVP.

March 18-21

To Crack a Space

A joint venture between the Oregon College of Art and Craft and the University of Oregon, with anticipated sponsorship by Shapeways and Intel. This endeavor, hosted by OCAC in its new digital fabrication laboratory, engages a group of artists and designers to use and challenge the facility in ways that yield a greater understanding of the limits and opportunities such spaces and related methodologies afford.  The laboratory will be open for public participation from
10am – 4pm on March 20 and 21. Participating artists David Bachman, Dylan J. Beck, Brian Gillis, John Arndt, Wonhee Jeong Arndt, Tim Berg, Rebekah Myers, Guy Michael Davis, Katie Parker, Julie York.

8245 SW Barnes Road
Portland, OR 97225

Contact Benny Hill
Cost: Free
Handicap Accessible

March 20

Tour to the Two Wood Fire Kilns in Yamhill County 

Both East Creek Anagama and FuuKooGama are open for viewing of unloaded works displayed in the order of how they were loaded for the respective pre-Conference firings. There will be additional work available for purchase in tents. East Creek Anagama was the second oldest west of the Mississippi river and also the second oldest continuous use kiln of its kind in the United States, and focused on education. FuuKooGama has been focusing on the fusion of East and West, offering visiting artist workshops and exchange firings with the regular firing crew and guest artists from both Japan and United States. Participating artists – East Creek Anagama: Cindy & Don Hoskisson, Don Sprague, Mark Terry, Joe Robinson, Jerrold Martisak, and many other crew; FuuKooGama: Chris Gustin, Doug Casebeer, John Neely and Takashi Nakazato, guest artists and Ruri, Chris Baskin, Brad McLemore, Jason Laney, Kimberly Ota, Cooper Jeppessen and others.

18526 SW Rock Creek Road
Sheridan, OR
Handicap Accessible

East Creek Anagama
12251 E Creek Road
Willamina, OR
Handicap Accessible

*Both places are graveled, not paved.

Deadline for reservations is January 15, 2017.
Contact Cindy Hoskisson
Ruri 503-843-4375, 808-457-6785 (cell, text first).

March 21

Conversation on Craft: Methods Fetishes and Affordance

An ongoing public forum, hosted by the Oregon College of Art and Craft MFA in Craft program addressing the skill and art of creativity. As the culminating event for To Crack a Space, a laboratory-based think tank held in advance of the 2017 Future Flux NCECA conference, a panel of creative professionals will engage in a dialog regarding the ways that limits and opportunities afforded by spaces for making impact the practices and outcomes produce. By focusing on the institutionalized digital fabrication space, the intention is to elicit critical discourse about individual and institutional motivations and aspirations for such spaces, the effect they have on practice, and the prejudices adopted by both practitioners and the public, particularly with regard to Craft’s persistent presence in contemporary creative culture. Participating artists Brian Gillis, Karl Burkheimer, Anya Kivarkis, Jennifer Navva Milliken, Katherine Ross, John Sherry.  6:00-7:30p.m.

Oregon College of Art and Craft – Fab-Lab
8245 SW Barnes Road
Portland, OR 97225,

Contact Karl Burkheimer
Cost: Free

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