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March 28 - March 31 : Seattle, Washington

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Message from Keith Williams, NCECA's President

Message from Keith Williams, NCECA's President


Dear NCECA Members,

Approaching the final months of my NCECA Presidency, it is important that I take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished to forward our mission. At the same time, I want to look forward to wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. I am writing this month to ask for your support on an important initiative.

NCECA is a unique organization in many ways. We have some similarities with other arts non-profits, and some with other academic organizations, but we are actually an interesting hybrid. Our diverse and engaged membership consists of students, teachers, artists, suppliers and many other ways that people define themselves in the clay world.

It is startling, however, that there is one thing that NCECA has not done that virtually every other non-profit organization has. We have not asked our members for monetary donations to the organization on an annual basis. Our major sources of funding remain our conference fees and memberships. These along with some grant funding have represented NCECA's financial health until now enabling the organization to...

  • Host our annual conference
  • Sponsor/support many ceramics exhibitions each year.
  • Produce educational videos, the most recent of which received air time on public television.

NCECA has also accomplished much as a direct result of generous members who have donated ceramic objects for sale in the cup show. Resulting revenues have provided partial sponsorship of scholarships, fellowships and residency awards. A fundraising campaign which reached its goal in 2004 enabled NCECA to develop an investment portfolio intended to help sustain NCECA's essential operations.

During our fall 2011 meeting, at the recommendation of the members of the Development Committee, NCECA's Board voted to initiate an annual appeal drive. The Board not only voted to institute the drive, but unanimously pledged to give to NCECA this year. Even the two student members joined in with pledges of support. You can imagine how proud I am of my team when you consider that in addition to the countless hours they contribute to the organization, 100% of your Board Members will participate in donating to NCECA's Annual Fund.

I am now asking you to make an annual financial contribution to sustain our mission. Please take a moment to review our case statement and report to understand and appreciate how NCECA needs our support.

Thank you so much for being part of NCECA!


Keith J. Williams, President

Keith Williams


NCECA's Board and Staff members extend thankfulness to all of you that work to share your love for ceramic arts and education. Best wishes to you and your families this holiday season.


If you no longer wish to receive NCECA emails, you can do so through your personal profile on the NCECA website or send a message to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.