THEME: Makers, Mentors, and Milestones
: June 24, 2015, 11:59pm MST (CLOSED)

NCECA seeks Student Presenters that have conceptual resonance with the theme of its 50th Annual Conference, Makers, Mentors and Milestoneswhich takes place in Kansas City, Missouri, the geographical epicenter of the continental US.

Makers, Mentors and Milestones will highlight modes of contemporary practice, celebrate the impact of influential figures and movements that have shaped the field, and create opportunity to envision collectively what lies ahead.  Presentations should explore the personal, social and aesthetic forces that animate creative work with elemental materials, methods and ideas in the midst of the information age.  This celebration will expand shared knowledge of the decorative and fine arts by examining and highlighting our diverse field’s place in historical society, contemporary culture and imagined futures.

NCECA reviews and selects programming from proposals submitted from the field as an important component of conference planning. Additionally, NCECA reserves the right to curate and develop programming that strengthens the quality and range of experiences related to the conference theme, sense of place, and other strategic objectives.

NCECA’s annual conference has earned a reputation worldwide as a premier event for ceramic art drawing thousands each year. Makers, Mentors, and Milestones will join ceramic art’s historic engagement with empirical research and discovery to today’s evolving creative commons.

The Student-led Programming Thread has been created in response to numerous requests for more programming that addresses the concerns of students on a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

Criticism in ceramics, career building for students; how to price your work, develop a professional-quality resume, approach a gallery, build a customer base, or choose and enter juried shows; post-graduation options in the ceramic field; the pros and cons of residencies, post-baccalaureate programs, and apprenticeships; how to choose a graduate program; other job options in the ceramic field beyond teaching or being a studio artist; professional development opportunities; how to photograph and document your work; developing “green” studio practices in a school environment; social networking as an advertising tool; developing a website….

Students, this is your chance to make a difference, address issues that concern students and present at a national conference. Students at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate and post-baccalaureate are encouraged to apply!

If chosen to present, your commitment to NCECA will be:
• Meeting all deadlines as outlined by your signed agreement, which include the following:
• Written and visual documentation to publish in the NCECA Journal and other promotions.
• A PowerPoint presentation (If images are not appropriate, please make note of it in your proposal)

Criteria for the Application Process


Everyone is eligible EXCEPT for those who participated in the program in Providence, RI during NCECA 2015. Participation is generally limited to only one presentation.


All proposals must be submitted using NCECA’s Online Submittal process (a link to the form is provided below). Proposals related to the Conference Theme of “Makers, Mentors and Milestones” will receive preference. Your ONLINE submittal form must include the following or it will not be considered. (Only .doc, .docx, .JPEG or .PDF files will be accepted):

  • Proposer Contact information – to include School and Level of study
  • Short Bio (Up to 300 characters)
  • Head shot (upload as jpg, 100dpi 2”x3”)
    If your proposal is accepted the abstract, short bio/s, and headshot/s will be used for website and print publications.
  • Presentation Length – 30, 60, or 90 minute lecture or Panel (three panelists and one moderator)
  • Co-presenter (if applicable) – to include name, school, level of study, email, short bio and headshot.
  • Panelists (if applicable) – to include name, school, level of study, email, short bio and headshot for EACH.
  • Proposal Title
  • Proposal Description – a thorough description of what the presentation entails (2000 character limit)
  • Program Guide Abstract – very brief and thought-provoking (300 character limit)
  • Introductions - Is there a special mentor, colleague or friend who attends the conference that you would like to recommend to provide an introduction to your presentation? (NCECA reserves the right to assign individuals to introduce presentations when this field is left blank or the recommended person is unavailable.) Please provide his/her Name, Cell phone, Email

NCECA recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox when using forms on this site. Some forms do not respond well to Internet Explorer or Safari.

A committee including NCECA Student Director at Large and two other board members will review proposals.
Accepted presenters are eligible to receive a complimentary conference pass provided they are or become NCECA members at the time of acceptance. No other compensation is available for Student Perspective presenters.

Presenters must understand that they are providing content as a service to the field. By accepting the invitation to present, presenters’ acknowledge NCECA’s rights to document their presentations and make available for publication presentation and written materials presented during the conference.

NCECA recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox when using forms on this site. Some forms do not respond well to Internet Explorer or Safari.

If you have questions about presenting in the Student Perspective thread, contact Jennifer Chua, NCECA Student Director at Large: JenChuaNCECA@gmail.com

If you encounter problems and require technical assistance with submission contact candice@nceca.net or kate@nceca.net