DEADLINE: October 8, 2014 (CALL CLOSED)

NCECA is presently seeking highly qualified candidates for two distinct positions on its Board of Directors that will come open in Spring 2015. These positions are Director at Large and Student Director at Large. NCECA invites its membership to review the roles and responsibilities below. If you consider yourself a highly qualified leader or know someone you think could make outstanding contributions as a member of NCECA’s leadership team, please consider submitting a nomination form by October 8, 2014.

NCECA’s Nominations Committee will review proposed candidates’ qualifications for these positions and make recommendations to the board of directors for ratification of candidates during its autumn 2014 meeting. The board will approve two nominees for Director at Large. Additional candidates for Director at Large that are not selected as board nominees may still have the option to stand for election. Candidates for Student Director at Large will not be subject to board ratification.

Candidates who wish to be included in the e-ballot and considered for election must be in attendance at the 49th Annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island.  All candidates are responsible for their own expenses related to participation in the conference during which results of the ballot will be determined.

Those on the e-ballot will be required to provide a brief video that will be hosted at the WatchNCECA YouTube channel and made accessible on the organization’s website. These video messages will enable members to consider candidates’ visions and qualifications for elected service. Brief bios and headshots of the candidates will also be posted.

Election winners will be announced at the close of the second members’ business meeting on the final day of the conference. Newly elected board members will be required to attend the open board meeting immediately following the close of the 2015 conference.

2015 e-Voting Requirements

Increasing member participation in board elections has been a long-term goal for NCECA. To make our second e-ballot for new board members even more effective, it is critical that members understand how the system has precipitated changes in nominations and elections procedures.  Please note that all self- and peer-nominations for board positions must be made electronically by October 1, 2014. Nominations will no longer be accepted from the floor during the conference at the first members’ business meeting at the annual conference.

The e-ballot system will open approximately one month prior to conference around mid-February 2015 and close at 5pm eastern, March 27, 2015. Only those individual members with active, paid memberships prior to February 28, 2015 will be able to cast an e-ballot. The primary contact of Business, Institutional and Gallery memberships will be the individual who is eligible to cast a vote on behalf of their entities.

It’s also critical to verify your membership status before you make an effort to vote for 2015 candidates. NCECA memberships expire one year from the date on which they were purchased or last renewed. Because NCECA’s 2015 conference is taking place one week later in the calendar that last year’s, memberships purchased or renewed at the time of the 2014 conference will not be active at the time of this year’s conference. If this sounds like it might be the case with your membership, NCECA urges you to renew your membership today.

Those who purchase membership renewals following February 28 or and those who purchase a new a membership on-site in Providence will have the option to vote using a paper ballot during the conference in Providence. Paper ballots will not be made available to members that were eligible to cast electronic ballots but did not exercise the option to use it. E-ballot eligible members may use computers set up in the registration area of the Rhode Island Convention Center to cast e-ballots during the conference until Friday, March 27, 2015.

Roles and Responsibilities

All NCECA Board Members must be at least 21 years of age and be prepared to perform in the following roles:

- Promote the Council’s purpose, mission and vision.
- Manage Council assets, including funds, property, and historical records
- Determine Council policies within limits of Bylaws
- Develop and support Council programs, services and events
- Hire, review, and support the Executive Director
- All Board members are expected to make an annual personal monetary gift to NCECA.

All NCECA Board Members are required to fulfill the following responsibilities:

- Understand, promote and work to strengthen NCECA’s Mission, programs, services and policies.
- Address and work to realize NCECA’s Strategic Plan, goals and organizational needs.
- Fulfill all specific roles on the Board as described in this document and NCECA’s Bylaws.
- Prepare for and participate in all board and committee meetings and other council activities.
- Maintain confidentiality of the Board’s Executive Sessions.

- Serve the Council as a whole, avoiding special areas of interest and conflicts of interest.
- Maintain objectivity, ethics and integrity disclosing possible conflicts of interest and refusing gifts.
- Suggest agenda items periodically for Board and committee meetings to address critical matters.
- Read and understand NCECA’s financial statements and exercise prudence with funds in order to help fulfill the Board’s         fiduciary responsibilities.
- Develop the theme for the Annual Conference; select the demonstrators, the Keynote, the Randall Session, and Closing         presenters and other aspects of the program with On-Site Conference Liaisons.

- Provide council and support of the Executive Director while following protocol for communications and work with staff.
- Read proposals and participate in selection of presenters for annual conference programming.
- Establish a strong series of publications and exhibitions.
- Speak on behalf of the Board when asked by officers or authorized person(s).
- Contribute to and secure the support of others on behalf of the organization.

- Work to identify highly qualified nominees for service on the Board.
- Participate directly in the development and fundraising work of the council.
- Make a personal annual gift according to personal means.
- Serve the Board and Council through personal expertise (e.g. grant writing, planning, etc.).
- Bring a sense of humor and camaraderie to board meetings and council functions. 


Director at Large 2015-2018
Serves 3-year term
Serves on and chairs committees and oversees special projects as designated by the President or the Board.

Must be at least 21 years of age, a member of NCECA and commit to attending all scheduled board meetings during the term of service. (NCECA’s policy is to limit reimbursement for travel to within the US via coach airfare or equivalent.)

Specific Duties for 2015-2018 DAL position:

  • Provides guidance and leadership to conference programming (Topical Discussions/NCECA Connections) in cooperation with board and executive leadership.
  • Reviews and encourages conference program proposals.
  • Provides information for NCECA publications as needed.
  • May serve to support and/or initiate special projects subject to the talents of the individual with Board approval.

Desired qualifications:
Passion for field of ceramics and NCECA; past participation in some aspect of NCECA programming.  Ability to share and build upon creative ideas for programming, services, resources and systems; understand budgetary requirements of ongoing programs and initiatives; think strategically and critically about programming priorities; and make personal contributions of time, talent and monetary support of NCECA’s efforts.

Student Director at Large 2015-2017

Serves a two-year term

Must be at least 21 years of age and enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited US-based institution for at least one complete year of the elected term.

Specific Duties
Serves NCECA’s membership by advocating for student concerns.
Promotes calls for student programming and critique room.
Coordinates student initiatives and programming by reviewing proposals, presenter and critique mentor qualifications.
Provides scheduling data pertaining to student programming to the Conference Manager for inclusion on NCECA website, app and program guide.
Provides support and guidance for the NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition (NSJE) in concert with the Exhibitions Director including the following: Identifies qualified jurors, solicits donations of awards, represents NCECA and presents awards at the NSJE reception, provides support to the venue as needed.
Serves as one of the Student Fellowship jurors in the selection of awardees.
Assumes committee responsibilities at the request of the President.

Desired Qualifications:
Energetic commitment to NCECA and the field of ceramics.  Possess time-management skills necessary to successfully address duties to NCECA as well as personal accountability in his/her domain of academic pursuit.  Demonstrate ability and desire to communicate via electronic and social media; contribute and build on creative and ideas and strategies that meaningfully engage and serve NCECA’s student membership.

The Nominator must be a current member of NCECA to put forth a nomination. Self-nominations are welcome. 

Nominations for Board Positions must include the following and will be submitted using NCECA’s online form process.

  • Nominee name and contact information
  • Resume (2 page limit, upload as word doc or pdf, not to exceed 2MB)
  • Short bio of the nominee (2400 character limit, upload as word doc or pdf, not to exceed 2MB)
  • Statement of Interest if Self Nominated or Statement of Qualifications if Nominating
    (2 page limit, upload as word doc or pdf, not to exceed 2MB)
  • Names and contact information for two current NCECA members who endorse the candidacy of this nominee. (Name, email, best phone, relation to applicant and number of years known)
  • Nominator name and contact information – if peer nominated.

For questions about the Board Positions please contact:
Patsy Cox, Nominations Committee Chair

For technical assistance contact kate@nceca.net or candice@nceca.net 303 828-2811 or 866 266-2322