Rebeca Gilling, In the Recesses of Agnes Mind, 2011


NCECA Membership is the element that catalyzes creation, inquiry and dialog in ceramic art and learning.

Even if you are unable to attend the Annual Conference, you can still use, enjoy and benefit from NCECA membership. Join or renew your membership today to build community, support the advancement of ceramic art and enjoy cost savings that enhance accessibility of NCECA opportunities, products and services.

“Thanks for doing so much for ceramic art!.”
— 2006 Portland Conference attendee,



NCECA welcomes all artists, educators, collectors, art professionals and everyone interested in the creative practice and appreciation of the ceramic arts. NCECA’S members are:

  • Educators
  • Artists with interests or professional work in clay
  • Students
  • Museum and gallery professionals
  • Writers, critics, and editors of ceramic arts publications
  • Museum and gallery directors and curators
  • Collectors/patrons of clay art and others interested in the ceramic arts
  • Technicians and manufacturing professionals

NCECA membership is contingent on payment of annual dues, and will expire 12 months from the day you joined. For a full description of benefits, click on each membership level.

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NCECA Member discount code applies only to current members who renew memberships before they expire. NCECA generates a message including the code approximately 30 days prior to expiration of current memberships. The coupon code must be used within a 30-day period of its generation and transmission. Lapsed memberships are not eligible for use of the discount code. Contact Jacqueline at 303-828-2811 if you have questions.

* Please note: NCECA memberships for individuals, galleries, businesses and institutions are non-refundable.



Mail-In Membership Forms:

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Corporate/Institutional Membership Form PDFicon

If you have any further questions regarding membership you can contact us at:membership@nceca.net or call 303 828-2811 or 866 266-2322 (Toll Free)

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