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Across the Heartland Table

Cook on Clay (Robbie Lobell & Maryon Attwood) will partner with Edible Kansas City publisher, Tracey Russell to produce a culinary event.  This event will attract both the NCECA and the regional Kansas City foodie communities.  We are interested in the intersection where clay & food meet across cultures in the nation’s heartland…from the fields & farmers to the kitchen & cooks to the tables where family & neighbors gather – from the studios to the fire to the marketplace where the hand of the potter meets the hand of the user.  Pots will be for sale (a portion of pottery sales will go to NCECA).  There will be 10 chefs & 10 potters (emerging & Mid-late career), a brewery, cidery, wineries, distiller in a venue close to the Kansas City Convention Center.  Fee is $40 (20-25 complimentary tickets will be held for students and both NCECA & KC community members).  Advance tickets sales are through Brown Paper Tickets (managed by Edible KC) & at the door.  This is a pre-conference event as an early link to the multiple events and programs with Across the Table.  One set of each potter’s dishes will be on view in the exhibit.  Artists: Cook on Clay and invited nine potters making tableware.

Location TBD.  5:00-8:30pm.
Contact: Robbie Lobell
360-678-1414; cell: 360-929-8121
$40 includes food and drink.