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March 11, 12
Lawrence Arts Center Ceramics Symposium

The Lawrence Arts Center will host six ceramicists in a symposium on topics central to contemporary ceramics. This rare opportunity offers a chance to interact and observe ceramic artists working in the top of the field. Over the course of two days, this select group of artists are active in studios at the Lawrence Arts Center demonstrating sculpting processes, wheel throwing, surface decoration and glazing, representing a diverse range of techniques and approaches to ceramic art.  The six artists are paired up in three studios at the Arts Center, to demonstrate their techniques and encourage dialogue with the audience. Attendees are encouraged to visit each of the three studios throughout the two day symposium. 9:00am-4:30pm each day.

Artists Participating: Cristina Cordova, Ayumi Horie, Sergei Isupov, Roberto Lugo, Ron Meyers, Liz Quackenbush.

Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence, KS 66044

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Ben Ahlvers

March 14 & 15
It could be anything

Handbuilt. Thrown. Cast… A tripod of building methods that form the foundation of the ceramic process. Ryan LaBar, Linda Lopez, and Peter Pincus will join forces and share their mastery of each of these techniques during an interactive workshop in the heart of America. Join the conversation with three influential makers for two inspirational days at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays.

Bracker’s Good Earth Clays, 1831 E 1450 Road, Lawrence, KS, 66044
9:00am-5:00pm each day
$300 until January 29; $350 after January 29. Includes lunch both days.

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Cindy Bracker

March 14 & 15
Workshop by Ching-Yuan, Chang

Visiting artist Ching-Yuan, Chang, Professor of Art, Tainan National University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Applied Arts, Taiwan will demonstrate his advanced wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques. He will present a lecture on his creative work during the workshop as well. Professor Chang was an invited demonstrator at the 2014 NCECA conference in Milwaukee.

Monday 9:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am-12:00 noon (approx.)

$75 non-MSU students and folks; $40 for students from other institutions (need current school ID).

Missouri State University
Art and Design Department Ceramics Studios
327 West Mill Street, Brick City Building One, Room 105
Springfield, MO 65804.

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Contact: Professors Keith Ekstam or Kevin Hughes

Making: Dan Murphy and Jason Hess

During the two days of the workshop Dan and Jason will demonstrate their approach to making work, specifically work for wood firing.  Concurently, an exhibition of Dan and Jason’s wood fired work will be held at the Greg Hardwick Gallery at Columbia College with a public reception March 15th  (Exhibition Contact: Bo Bedilion,

9:00am-5:00pm both days.
University of Missouri, Art Department, A126 Fine Arts Bldg., Columbia, MO 65211 (2 hours east of Kansas City)
573-882-3555.  $40; $25 for students.

Bede Clarke

March 15
Across the Heartland Table

Cook on Clay (Robbie Lobell & Maryon Attwood) will partner with Edible Kansas City publisher, Tracey Russell to produce a culinary event.  This event will attract both the NCECA and the regional Kansas City foodie communities.  We are interested in the intersection where clay & food meet across cultures in the nation’s heartland…from the fields & farmers to the kitchen & cooks to the tables where family & neighbors gather – from the studios to the fire to the marketplace where the hand of the potter meets the hand of the user.  Pots will be for sale (a portion of pottery sales will go to NCECA).  There will be 10 chefs & 10 potters (emerging & Mid-late career), a brewery, cidery, wineries, distiller in a venue close to the Kansas City Convention Center.

Fee is $40 (20-25 complimentary tickets will be held for students and both NCECA & KC community members).
Advance tickets sales are through Brown Paper Tickets (managed by Edible KC) & at the door.  This is a pre-conference event as an early link to the multiple events and programs with Across the Table.  One set of each potter’s dishes will be on view in the exhibit.  Artists: Cook on Clay and invited nine potters making tableware.

Location TBD.
Contact Robbie Lobell
360-678-1414; cell: 360-929-8121;

$40 includes food and drink.